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Welcome to SweetPea Studio!

You may be asking yourself why this site is so simple, so here's your answer:

Examples of flashier projects and designs are available in the portfolio. This site was designed to make it easy to navigate and fast to download. Most businesses are seeking a site or other product to inform, not entertain. Many sites entertain at the expense of informing, and lose the customer in the process. Not everyone out there has high speed internet access, and the more graphics and animation you have, the slower your site is to download.

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Web Tidbits

While many homes and businesses now have high-speed internet access, about half are still using dialup modems. Flash and Shockwave plug-ins are often over-used (or under-utilized) and, due to the time it takes for them to load, visitors get bored and leave the site before the visual even starts.

Simple pages download faster, and make an immediate impression on the reader. This is extremely important on the Web, where people will leave your site (click off) if your page doesn't come up fast enough. Simple pages give a "clean" look, which often makes a nice visual presentation.

The more complicated your page the longer it will take to download, the longer it takes to download the less chance there is people will hang around to see it - or if they do they will only visit the once. There are few surfers out there in the wide blue cyberland who will wait more than 25 to 30 seconds for a page to download.

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