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Monte Carlo Night

Last night's Monte Carlo night was a blast. Everyone had a great time and it was a lot of fun. A lot of people found their luck in Craps, or cleaned up in the poker game. Maybe we should just have poker nights instead of Officer's Meetings. Though I did learn that I should stay as far away from casinos as possible. My roommate's first words this morning were "My head hurts" and "What was in those drinks?" So it looks like our bartender did his job well. We finally called it quits sometime around 2am, and I hope everyone made it home safely. Thanks a lot to everyone who showed up and an extra special thanks to Frey for spinning that 21 in roulette for me.

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Sumie Demo

The Sumie demo was a lot of fun. Mr. Sakai is a wonderful artist and we hope to have him back next year.

More images in the Gallery

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Takara Sake - Yearly Event

By: Jourdan Perla, Jerry Pang, and Kelley Kai
Every November and May, JCC visits Takara Sake. Just ask any of the old members who have gone, and they will tell you how much fun it is. It is one of the BEST ways to meet everyone and to get to know one another. This is one of the few things that most of us will get up at 6am for, so you KNOW it's worth it.  Basically, we help the sake factory package, prepare, label, and store thousands of premium sake bottles (obviously filled with tasty sake ^_^ ). After a "hard" day's work at Takara Sake and a great free lunch, some of us head out to finish the day off in J-town or to eat Korean Barbeque in Berkely. These trips really are a lot of fun and you really should try going at least once.

Our last Takara Sake trip (11-5-00) was a HUGE success, thanks to all the members who helped out. You all made it the most successful Takara Sake trip in over 10 years. Thank you so much!
More about Takara Sake
Making Sake

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Cultural Demo - Ikebana

Our main event for the evening was an ikebana demonstration by Mrs. Hayashida, of the Ikenobo Hayashida Ryoku-ku, located in Sacramento. Mrs. Hayashida's family has been practicing ikebana for 23 generations.
Literally translated as "flower kept alive," ikebana (also known as kadou, or the "Way of Flowers") is the Japanese art of flower arranging. This art form developed from an early Buddhist flower offering ceremony, kuge, in the15th century. In ikebana, attention is given to the choice of plant material and container, the placement of the branches, and the relationship of the branches to the container and the surrounding space. This has disinguished ikebana from purely decorative uses of flowers. Mrs. Hayashida discussed the history of this art form, and gave a small demonstration, in which a few people got to participate.

Japanese flower arranging

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Movie Night - "Mimboo no Onna"

We presented the movie "Minboo no Onna," or in the English title, "Minbo, or the Art of Japanese Extortion."
The movie takes a look at yakuza gangsters...a side that few have seen, and that yakuza don't want to be seen...when a woman lawyer helps employees of a hotel take on a yakuza gang. Shortly after the release of the film, the director, Juzo Itami, was stabbed by yakuza gangsters, for making the film.
This was an excellent movie full of action and "black" humor.

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