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Links to Japanese culture related sites
If your webbrowser does not allow you to view Japanese characters, first make sure that you change View - Encoding - Japanese in Internet Explorer or View - Character Set - Japanese in Netscape, if that does not work you probably need the font called MS Gothic, it comes with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and can be downloaded seperately as part of the Global IME package here.

Other Local Clubs and Organizations

Friends of Inuyama Banner

SAS Banner

Education and Language

UCD Language Learning Center

UCD International Extension Center

UCD Education Abroad Program

UCD Japanese Department

Japanese-related Projects at Purdue University

Stanford Univeristy: U.S.-Japan Technology Management Center

Japan Window
A collaborative effort between NTT and the U.S.-Japan Technology Management Center at Stanford University.

Japanese for Anime Lovers
Online Japanese Tutorial

Japanese Writing Tutor
Online Japanese Writing Tutorial, animated

Your Dictionary.com
Online dictionaries (including Japanese)

Jim Breen's Web Site
This is a huge page of interesting links on everything from computing in Japanese to web sites about shrines in Kyoto. There is also a Japanese <-> English dictionary.

Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary
webmistress' favorite online dictionary

Free Translation Service, Dictionaries


E-tomo for Windows
A Japanese e-mail utility (Freeware)

The Japanese Word Processor

NJ Star
Japanese word processing software, web browsing software (free trial versions)

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
Japanese products & services. Links to some Japanese & Japanese related sites.

Japanese Language Software Tools


Black Moon Japanese Recipes

Travel, Teaching, Working in Japan

Japanese National Tourist Organization

A more travel oriented clickable map of Japan

Kintetsu International Travel Finder for Japan

Nova Group
Company that hire people to teach English in Japan

JET Program
Japanese Exchange Teaching Program, sponsored by the Japanese Government


Ministries and Agencies

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

JIN: Japan Information Network 
Put together by Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japan Center for Intercultural Communications.

Ministry of Home Affairs

Ministry of Education

Prime Minister's Official Residence (Naikaku)(Japanese, English)

Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Tsusanshou) (Japanese, English)

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (Yuseishou)

Economic Planning Agency (Keizai Kikakuchou) (Japanese, English)

Science and Technology Agency (Japanese, English)

Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (Japanese, English)

National Space Develpoment Agency (Japanese, English)

Local Government Bodies

Fukui Prefecture

Hiroshima City

Metropolis of Tokyo

Sports and Leisure

Sumo World Homepage

Hokkaido Internet Ski Guide (Japanese)

Tokyo Kinkou Higaeri Onsen Shisetsu Shoukai (Japanese)

JCC members' homepages

Tsunami's Ocean

Atarkis Dragon's Lair
graduated member (former "official" club bartender)

Anne's V6 and Others, L`Arc Alive~Anne's L`Arc~en~Ciel Unofficial Homepage
Websites by the previous webmistress

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USEnet Newgroups



This newsgroup covers many interesting discussions about Japanese grammar and speech.

Lots of interesting discussion on Japanese Culture






University of California, Berkeley newsgroup

If you know of a site that you think should be listed, please email it to me.