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Ikea Hack Cat Tree

Everyone always likes this idea when they see it, and I haven’t seen anything like it yet on Ikea Hacker. It cost maybe $45? The shelf was in the as-is section in Ikea for $20-25 because it has plastic stuck between the shelves that got caught when they nailed them together. I yanked/cut most of it away. The sisal rope I think was $10 from the hardware store, and no glue or staples needed to attach it. $10 Petco donut bed sits on the top shelf. Sweater and two random carpet samples on the other shelves were free. Not the loveliest, but easy, fast, and not really any uglier than those carpet trees that run $100-$200.

Although you could do this with a standard shelf, the corner one makes it super easy to stagger the shelves so the cats have easy steps (especially nice for my older cats).

The cat tree/tower in use:




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Flowering Bush


Cool flowering bush I saw on my walk the other day.

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Cute little magnolia

Saw this on my walk Thursday, not sure I’ve seen frilly magnolia before, but there are a bunch in yards in this area.

Testing fishbowl + WordPress from my phone.

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Blog Merger

Getting rid of curlieq.com and the blog I had there, so I merged what few posts I had over to here.

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Talk about bad estimates, only 2.5 years past when I thought the hiatus would end. Probably won’t really get going again for another couple months.икониПравославни икониикони на светцииконописikoni

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Grey hairs…

Learn something new every day. I’ve been wondering why my two grey hairs (one in my bangs, one of top of my head that I can never find, but my stylist can) are way curlier than the rest of my hair:

The declining presence of melanin also appears to contribute to the lack of moisture in gray or white hair. So as your hair becomes lighter in color, its texture becomes dryer and coarser. That’s why gray hair tends to be more curly or wiry.

From: http://www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/W/9023/24253/348513.html

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Dinner & a show

Tried out the Red 88 Noodle Bar tonight and got a free show from Band-Uh coming through and practicing in the Ace parking lot across the street. I think the best part was the escort motorcycle cop doing the head and arm motions along with them! Good times!

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On Children (or the lack there-of) and Family

I just read this and HAD to share:


Especially this part because this is JUST how I feel:

Or as commenter Marina said last week:

As someone who’s sure I want kids, and soon (I mean, scared sh*tless, but sure) I just want to add that I am SO GRATEFUL that I have friends who want kids but not for a long time, and friends who do not want kids ever, period. I have friends in the first category who have told me they’re looking forward to babysitting duties and knitting little baby clothes, which, oh boy, I would be a LOT more scared about having kids if I didn’t have that kind of community around. And my friends in the second category, who do not want babies, who will never want babies–I am so thankful for them. I don’t want to get lost in my child(ren), and I feel so lucky to have people in my life who I know I will be able to hang out with and talk about things that are NOT related to babies. So all y’all who are decidedly against babies, or ambivalent, or all the other messy permutations of decision-making–I’m glad YOU’RE part of my community too. I know having lots of smart sassy women I can read at a moment’s notice will make me a better mom, and is already making me a better person.

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From: http://www.creators.com/advice/advice-goddess-amy-alkon/the-larva-of-the-party.html

Ever since Freud decided (sans evidence) that introverts were repressed, narcissistic trolls under the bridge, extraversion has been considered the ideal and introverts have been seen as socially stunted. Introversion is also wrongly conflated with shyness, but shyness is fear- and shame-based — quite different from seeing no reason to say anything to strangers unless you or they are on fire.

More and more, research points to a strong biological basis for personality. Brain imaging shows distinct differences in introverts and extraverts. Studies by neuroscientist Debra L. Johnson and others found that extraverts, who get energized from external stimulation like meeting new people, have increased blood flow to rear areas of the brain for sensory processing (like listening, touching, watching). Introverts, who tend to be more pensive and introspective, and are easily overwhelmed by too much external stimulation, showed more blood flow altogether (indicating more internal stimulation), over more complicated pathways, with more activity in frontal regions for inward tasks like problem-solving, reasoning, and remembering.

Put that together with a Chinese study adding evidence that introverts get socked with a higher level of cortical arousal from stimuli, and you get the idea that urging introverts to be more outgoing is a bit like urging scissors to be more like a stapler.

The funny part is, I have no problem understanding the differences between introversion and extroversion, but most of the extroverts I know are just utterly baffled by introversion even when I show them stuff like this. Which is why my catch phrase is: You don’t have to understand, you just have to accept.

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Google Voice Leaves Beta, Now Open to Everyone


“Until today, Google Voice was a neat service you needed to be invited into. Now Google’s thrown open the doors, letting in anyone (in the U.S.) wanting One Number to Rule Them All—or just web-based voicemail on your current number.”

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