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I used TigerTech hosting for 2 or 3 years before making the mistake of switching to Vipsnet.com because it had more features. What followed was 6 months of no support and the claimed 99.9% uptime was really more like 75-80%. The only phone # (not toll free) is disconnected. And there is no address. When my webmail stopped working was the last straw. I emailed TigerTech to ask for help switching back, and within 1-2 hours the switch was complete. I have yet to even get an autoresponse back for Vipsnet.com saying they got any of my emails. I have never experienced any downtime with Tigertech as far as the website. And the only time I couldn't get to my email, they warned us ahead of time about the server upgrade and gave us a time frame so we'd know when it would be back up - which was early the next day. Their tech support is fast & friendly. This is a quality hosting company at a bargain price. Oh, and they added the features I left looking for! I should have asked before switching! TigerTech's interface for controlling your options is really easy to use. The price is low and you can prepay for a discount or just pay monthly and they include domain registration in the price. Please see their site for current pricing.


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