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Web Site Design Process

We take time to understand your business goals and practices before we start talking about your vision for a web site. After we fully understand your needs, we go to work and present you with our design comps. Then we listen and implement your adjustments.

We build your site using the latest tools and include plenty of professional graphics and photography. We don't follow the latest gimmicks and fads; instead, we work with you to give you only the appropriate technology.

We let you review the product online at several stages of development by posting it on a protected server. When the site is complete, you kick the tires and take it for a test drive until you are 100% satisfied.

We will never just hand you the keys and let you drive off alone with your new web site. We are available to by phone, e-mail, and in person when necessary to make sure your web site keeps humming day and night. We will fix any problems with your site for a period of 15 days at no charge to you. After that you can choose from monthly maintenance contracts or site maintenance at an hourly rate.

A web site can be many different things to many different people. What are your needs? Some of the components that we can include in your web project are listed below:

Animation & Multimedia

* Flash / Shockwave intro pages
* Animated GIF images
* Dynamic HTML
* Slide shows

Graphics & Display

* Custom graphics and logo design
* Random or rotating images
* Banners
* Site Maps
* Drop down dynamic menus

Forms & Search

* Custom forms
* Site search engine
* Secure pages (login required)
* E-mail subscription forms


* JavaScript
* Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks


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