You know it’s bad when….

You have to read someone else’ blog to remember events in your own life.

So we had some time to kill Saturday night waiting for PH to get back from the dinner thingy he was dragged to. So I popped in this short and very odd/silly anime called Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, loosely based on – duh – Alice in Wonderland. This was CLAMP’s attempt at being mildly naughty, they didn’t do a great job of this and I knew nothing other than “CLAMP does pretty stuff!” when I bought it. Now I find it hilarious to see people’s reaction. Some are confused, some annoyed, and some actually find it funny like I do. The reaction Saturday night was that it was a total tease that put at least one member of the group into a p0rn deficiency which had to be remidied quickly. So I was dragged off with the group, luckily, not thinking I’d need my purse, I left it (and my id) behind. No id, no entry, so I got off the hook scott free. I waited briefly in the car until CS came out to take me home. The exhorbitant prices there foiled the groups evil plot to buy me p0rn whether I wanted it or not. So we waited at home for them to finish laughing over the cheesy titles. After they got back there was much joking about the small and very pricey selection. And talk about what the heck they’d do with a 3 inch item they found if they had bought it, since 3 inches was considered too small for its actual purpose. Paperweight, especially a paperweight gift to PH was the favorite option. Although a hat decoration was briefly considered. So there was my excitement for the weekend. 🙂