another 3 day update

Let’s see, I got Cinderella Story from netflix and watched that Thursday night. It was ok by my standards – so by most other people’s it sucked bad. Ella Enchanted was much much better. Friday CS & I went to see Blade: Trinity. I liked is as much as the second one, which was close enough to as much as I liked the first one. But if you didn’t like 1 & 2, you won’t like 3 either. This was followed by much WoWing this weekend. I finally got to level 10… and then 11 and 12 before I actually got my bear form. J&SP both helped me out a bunch and made me realize how incredibly weak I am. 🙂

I got up way too early Saturday to go to TT’s graduation, but then I got to take a nice 3 hour nap so I felt better. Finished up paperwork with momma, so we’re finally all done and she’ll own her store very soon now! Got in a game of Settlers with the gang and actually managed to win thanks to a couple of victory points. We cruised by the Sac Brewing Co. to join TM’s family and to celebrate TT’s graduation with some drinks (mine was a root beer float – the only non-alcoholic beverage ordered). All of us “old couples” bailed after the guys finished their pitcher of beer. We squeezed in another game of Settlers, but WoW called (especially once I realized I had no chance of winning) and I came running. CS gave me my christmas gifts early too. Godiva chocolate. Sooooooooo good. I’m definitely a happy girl.

Sunday was more WoW – I had to get two weeks of playing in since I won’t be playing Christmas weekend – and then off to get my “new” mattress from one of the ladies I carpool with. She was getting rid of her old one and has a new one coming, so she offered me hers. She couldn’t understand why I wanted it though until she saw mine. Mine was a refurbished one that was supposed to last through college at Davis, so 2-3 years, not more than 5 years! I slept like a dream last night, her old mattress felt like sleeping on a cloud compared to my old one.

And I got ready soon enough this morning for more laser pointer with the kitties and I have physical therapy to look forward to tomorrow. Yay!