Crazy busy!

No wonder I had to take a day of rest yesterday, I’ve been too crazy busy! Friday I had pizza & watched anime with CS. Then I got a hit of WoW in while CS & his roomies watched Dodgeball. I managed to cram a bit more WoW in the next morning before we headed out on the great SF trip. We ended up not having to drive which was nice. Found parking, decided against the 65-90 minute wait for Cheesecake Factory and found a tasty little Japanese place. Starbucks provided drinks and then we were off to Nordstrums. We all met up just across the street, but due to tiredness and parking garage closing at 6pm, there was a bit of a time crunch. So we hiked up 5 blocks or so, caught the California Cable Car line and once we were all in the same place (with me & CS hanging off the side – fun!!!), we sang jingle bells & frosty the snowman. The folks headed for J-town hopped off and we sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on the way back.

Back at CS’s we managed to get together a game of Settlers – JR’s J won again… she does that quiet innocent thing too well. I gotta start keeping better track of points if I want to win again.

Sunday I got to play more WoW, I can feel the addiction attempting to take hold… and then CS’s roomie AJ & I went to get our nails done. It was fun and I like how my nails look… although I had to have a dent repaired before I left as I’d already messed one up. After that I was extra careful till I was sure they had set. Which made for me being mostly useless on the trip to Apple Hill for their tree. It sure was fun though! CS & JR had to fight the brambles to get to the tree AJ picked and chop it down. Tying it to the car took a good long while – but at least the tree never fell off on the trip home. I got some tasty fresh apples and CS shared his apple turnover with me since I liked it better than my struedel.

That night I went to my dad’s to celebrate his birthday with my him & his wife & my brother. It was fun, but tiring. Monday was work and I finally finished watching Maze – just plain weird little anime. I found it mildly amusing, but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Tuesday more work & CS brought over the Chronicles of Riddick which I enjoyed. Wednesday I was wiped and just stayed home to rest. Today was work and physical therapy for lunch and I took tomorrow off – woohoo!