Wow, I haven’t been keeping up… so from the 16th till the 4th…

Sept. 16 More anime with MM, NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Winds is awesome! I think that and Laputa: Castle in the Sky are my two favorite Miyazaki movies. I’m not a huge Disney fan, but I have to be happy that they’re bringing over so many of Miyazaki’s movies.

Sept. 17 I went to an all women cuddle party and it was wonderful!!

Sept. 18 I have no idea… I assume I played WoW and did chores since I had no specific plans.

Sept. 19 – Sept. 22 Just a normal work week, but my last week of carpooling. šŸ™

Sept. 23 More anime with MM and I think the last new Battlestar Galactica till January… *cry* The last new Star Gate: Atlantis was a cliff hanger too! *pout*

Sept. 24 Helped the Princess and JP move to Davis and then had yummy pizza at Cafe Italia. My klutz moment… I put some vases the Princess gave me on top of my car so I could open the door. I open the door and BAM! two of them fall and shatter. Luckily the nicer ones were the ones left. Obviously I was not meant to have those other two. I felt pretty silly though. I blamed it on the spirit of PH trying to keep me from aquiring more clutter.

Sept. 25 Sundays seem to be chore/WoW days. I think I watched Tomb Raider 2 while doing the fishing contest in WoW (I didn’t win but I did get a rare fish) and then went to the guild meeting. Tomb Raider was ok, but not good enough to really grab my attention fully enough to stop fishing.

Sept. 26 – Sept. 29 My first week of carpooling…. late every single day, but I actually was much more productive coming in later in the day.

Sept. 30 Saw Serenity with MM & JP & Princess, it was great!
Oct. 1 Went and saw JL perform in an opera about beauty and the beast. It was actually pretty neat and he was great. The circus performers/fairies we my favorite though. Some of their acrobatics and contortions were pretty impressive. We went out for drinks to just hang out afterwards and I met JL’s girlfriend’s friend who seemed really nice, we even swapped backrubs which I always love.

Oct. 2 More WoW and chores!

Oct. 3 Got KM to come over to trade backrubs. We couldn’t get his movie to play in my dvd player though so we watched Patriot Games which I’d never seen. I thought it was a good movie.

Oct. 4 Tonight I’m going to finally get DDR set up and do at least five minutes. I want to start doing that nightly and work up to 20-30 minutes for exercise.