Manic Monday

Friday I got a chance to just relax with the meows.

Saturday I did some chores and relaxed a bit before heading over to AP(m) & TC’s place for game day. I got there early and TC and I had fun doing my makeup and hair. We got in some Darn before MM showed up and I actually managed to win a round! We followed it up with Settler’s Knights & Cities. I came the closest I have so far to winning so it was frustrating to come in second. It only allows for six players and my pirate didn’t feel like listening to the rules so he was bored most of the game since he and I were playing as a team. The game took a really long time too, so we followed it up by playing Dalmudi. TC’s friend suggested that we should have a lesser peon hat, so TC pulled a felt cat in the hat style one out of the garage. I ended up being greater dalmudi for a while, and the one time I dropped from greater dalmudi all the way down to greater peon… I got both jokers for a revolution and ended up back as greater dalmudi again.

Sunday I managed to unpack a few more boxes from the den and do some chores while the pirate played FF12. We made some decent progress in the game, but ended up leaving for the movie too late to have dinner at Seasons beforehand. He was nice enough to take me to see Pan’s Labyrinth (which should have been called The Labyrinth of the Faun) for our 3 month anniversary and we both actually really enjoyed the film (though he took issue with some of the elements that are traditional parts of fairy tales, and it was subtitled). There were a few really gruesome scenes, so I was very glad he was there. Seasons was closed by the time we got out so we ended up having dinner at Applebees. I even wore a skirt and makeup for the date – I’m not a total tomboy contrary to popular belief.

Oh, I also made a smoothie on Sunday. It was an experiment to use up some stuff and I like how it turned out (though the pirate’s face scrunched up after trying it). I peeled two grapefruits I was given and removed the seeds. The grapefruit went in the blender and I added a packet of lemon jello mix, a few big spoonfuls of jam & water. It was too sour still, so I added a can of peaches after I drained the juice and then some more jam. So now I’ve added a bunch of frozen fruit and some juices to my order so I can make more smoothies and get more fruit/fiber in my diet.

I also need to hit Target soon and get more of those rolling organization bins for my den so I can unpack some more boxes. I’d also like to see if they have any penguin humidifiers left and also the headphones I decided I wanted (over the ear, single cord with an automatic winding system).

I also want to look up more crockpot recipes. I’d like to try some so I can experiment with cooking meat with alcohol and use up some of my supply that it’s obvious I’m not going to drink. Though I also want to start having spiked hot chocolate occasionally.

I also registered a new site to be my new product brand for selling stuff under and got my paypal account set up for their merchant service.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the lawyer to figure out what my options are in regards to the house, after which I plan to go to BJ’s and enjoy a brownie sundae to either celebrate or to cheer myself up depending on how it goes. Hopefully the former!