The Dance of Life

Since I’m still waiting for my new headphones to arrive from Amazon so I can listen to my iPod again, my brain goes full tilt while I’m biking to and from work. Last night I was just planning out dinner, but this morning I started thinking about how life can be like dancing in a crowded ballroom.

You should look where you’re going, not where you’ve been or don’t want to go. Sometimes you bump into people, sometimes people bump into you. It’s fun whether you’re doing it with friends or lovers, and even if you show up alone, if you put yourself out there you can find someone to join you. Everyone makes a mistep now and then. Sometimes you’ll spin until you’re dizzy, but don’t worry, you’ll recover and maybe realize it was fun. Or learn to avoid what makes you dizzy. Be aware of yourself so you don’t accidentally hurt someone. Even if you plan carefully, sometimes you have to interrupt them, delay them or change them completely.

I might think of more to add to this analogy that was running through my head.

This is just too funny: Stained Glass PC Case.
stained glass pc case

And these bird houses are gorgeous, but I’d pay $25… not $125. I care about the design, I’m not going to pay $100 for something to be hand made.
bird house