Happy Pie/Pi/3.14 Day!

HomeTech ApartmentTherapy: Feel the Geeky Love: Happy Pi Day! Today’s date matches the first numbers of the venerable number that never ends: 3.14.

Cool coffee table design (though way more than I would consider paying) coffee table

News: Digital TV Transition Subsidies

To aid in the Digital TV transition, households with at least one TV set will be able to request up to two $40 coupons meant to subsidize the cost of purchasing digital to analog converter boxes. The converters are expected to cost around $50, but make sure you get in line quickly, applications for the first wave of coupons valued up to $990 milion will begin January 1, 2008…..and continue until there is no more money available. Somehow, we think that won’t take long.

– via the New York Times:

U.S. Sets Rules for Digital TV Payments
Published: March 13, 2007

The government will offer households as much as $80 each to help convert televisions to receive digital broadcasts under a $1.5 billion program.

Households with one or more TV sets can ask for as many as two $40 coupons as long as the first allotment, of $990 million, is not depleted, according to Commerce Department rules published yesterday. If the initial amount is inadequate, an extra $510 million in coupons may be offered to households without pay-TV service.

The subsidies are intended to help consumers prepare for the end of analog TV broadcasts in February 2009. After that, TVs without digital receivers will not be able to show over-the-air broadcasts.

Sets connected to cable TV and satellite systems will not need converters, the Commerce Department said.

Converters are expected to cost about $50 each, according to Congressional testimony. Households can apply for the coupons starting Jan. 1, 2008, the Commerce Department said. Retailers who want to participate in the program must apply for certification by March 31, 2008.