Winding Down June

Saturday I spent in the day in the bay area with my pirate and friends. We went to Lychee Garden in SF for my first dim sum ever. I wasn’t really impressed with it, and they didn’t have the one thing I really wanted, just the plan bao rolls. They only had the pork bao. After that we went to Daiso in Daly City. It’s basically a Japanse 100 yen store, only over here it’s all $1.50. I managed to find $77 worth of $1.50 items, though I think that’s with tax. After that we headed over to Pao-sama’s place in Redwood City for a bbq. We sat around talking and eating and didn’t get home till 2am.

Sunday I got some chores done, but mostly it was making up for lost sleep day.

Monday I think my interview went pretty well, and I’m supposed to hear back by the end of the week.

Tuesday we went to $1 cone night and then to see Surf’s Up. It was good, but the previews beforehand were horrifyingly bad. (Daddy Day Camp, Under Dog, Bratz) I threw together some chicken and pasta for us to have afterwards.

Tonight I hope to get some shopping done at IKEA and Target to help with the cleaning/organizing I want to do before my party this weekend. I have everything ordered for delivery from Safeway on Saturday morning, so I just have cleaning left to do.

Tomorrow night should be climbing, and then a friend’s party on friday since he’s leaving for his summer internship soon. I might as well get my socializing in while I still have the time and energy!