I’ve been checking out yoga videos from the library trying to find a good one or two to buy and use at home. So far one has been damaged, one I liked, and the other two have been two slow/boring/annoying to use.

Tonight I have dance class, but my pirate can’t go with me since he has to do stuff for his advisor’s conference. We forgot to practice the steps (as usual) so I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that I do ok. Once this quarter is over we’re going to look into taking gymnastics together instead of dance. We’ll get back into dance once we can afford to take private lessons together. Hopefully we’ll have time to go climbing Thursday or Friday night.

Oh, and I got the raise which pretty much everyone on campus got, but the extra money is still nice and should help pay off my debt faster. Last month was a bit tight, but that was partially because I decided to pay my property taxes all at once since they were less than $400 just to get them out of the way.

I need to start going through the pile of links I saved to blog about. I’m not sure why I saved this one other than my brother and some cousins being lefties.
From their homepage:
We specialise in products that are designed for left-handed people. No other shop in the world offers the range or incredible prices that we do. We offer left handed tools & products that really make a difference to the lives of people trying to adapt in a right-handed world and we know that they will love them – guaranteed!

I think I found the link from some article about lefties having shorter life spans. Mostly due to having to use or operate power tools and dangerous equipment that weren’t designed for lefties.