Georgia On My Mind

I flew out Friday night after work, and arrived in Florida Saturday morning. We tried out a sushi place that had gotten great reviews, but it didn’t live up to them. We went based on this review: Botan Japanese restaurant but it didn’t get updated with the info about the change of ownership till after we’d already gone. It wasn’t bad, just nothing special.

I was zonked out most of the drive back to Savannah (I didn’t really sleep much on the plane due to a sore neck) and then we all took naps when we got there. This was followed buy a fabulous dinner at Tantra Lounge – I had the Yum Yum Soup which was beyond yummy! It’s one of the best I’ve ever had, up there with the tomato broth soup my pirate’s mom made and Coco’s chicken tortilla soup.

We wandered downtown some and ended up at Lulu’s Dessert Cafe. I had the Mocha Tarts and Nagiko had the cheesecake with raspberry and chocolate (or something like that). All very tasty. Tora and I were up super late watching all 6 (?) discs of Trinity Blood. I really enjoyed it, the main character’s personality, and even some of the plot points made me think of Vash the Stampede, another really good series.

I slept in Sunday and then we had mexican for lunch and wandered downtown getting all sorts of photos of the architecture and details (I’m really behind on downloading my photos and uploading to flickr!). I think dinner that night was at the Bonefish Grill, then more anime watching, this time Tsubasa. Monday Tora took me around and we browsed the shops for four hours until I was happily exhausted. I also had some of Leopold’s ice cream. Literally the best ice cream I’ve had in my life, and thankfully safely across the country from me. Though funny enough the girl who served me used to live in Davis too!

Running out of lunch time, so gotta finish up here!

Dinner at Zen Sushi – yummy, dessert – brownie sundae at Bonefish grill, read the rest of the xxxHolic & Tsubasa manga to get caught up, sleep, drive to airport, fly home. Got pulled out of line to check my bag – the rice heat pack I brought for my neck showed up as an “organic blob.” It made me a little bit nervous, but nowhere nearly as bad as it would have one upon a time. Prior to landing the pilot thanked the military guys on board, and everyone on board started clapping. Arrived home again, passed out!