Winter Speeds By

Lets see… actually mailed all Christmas cards BEFORE Christmas for the first time ever! 😀

The office is all decorated, including my desk, and people have started adding to my penguin collection. 🙂

Last weekend was San Jose to have lunch with my pirate’s parents for his birthday. Then a nice nap followed by a holiday party in Redwood City. Lots of good food, conversation and a fun white elephant exchange. Sadly I didn’t find my pirate’s bears from last year till the next day. So they’ll have to wait till next year to pass on!

The next day we had dinner with his cousin & family and had a great time. I made the slow cooker chicken again (without the insane lemon this time!) and we’ve been having leftovers all week.

I found some pilates videos I liked at the library – the Gaiam dvds by Ana Caban. So those are on my Amazon wish list to get at some point.

I also got my Amazon gift card in the mail so the last Harry Potter book should be showing up soon. 😀

This coming weekend is going to be relax time and chore time. Which will be great after so many busy weekends! Oh, and I’m donating blood tomorrow morning. I can make the early appointments now since I can take time off work to volunteer.