Getting Caught Up Again – 200+ email backlog

I finally have some time to clear out my mailbox and get somewhat up to date here. I think some of this I may have made time to blog about, but not all of it.

For wedding stuff scroll down to 11-16-2007.

2-15-2007 Got an email from dad about this place:
It’s a gorgeous underwater restaurant in the Maldives.

3-6-2007 Not sure I mentioned this but to sell my house in Sacramento I had to drop the price low enough that it didn’t pay off the credit card debt I racked up while paying two mortgages. It did leave me with less debt than the new house cost, so I just think of it that way. And with balance transfers I got the interest lower than I could have with a mortgage on this place, and the price is so low the tax deduction on the interest wouldn’t have helped much.

4-17-2007 I’m getting into climbing and swimming and racquetball with my sweetie now that I’m on Singulair and can actually breath normally. I’m really loving it. Though I’m realizing how out of shape my lungs & heart are from almost 14 years of avoiding all or most aerobic exercise. (Other than salsa dancing which was fun enough to get me to use my inhaler.)

4-25-2007 I found out about a Japanese $1 store. I LOVED the 100 Yen stores in Japan, they were awesome. I didn’t know we had one here so nearby! The dollar stores here can’t hold a candle to the Japanese ones. It’s one of a large Japanese chain called Daiso. We finally went June 23rd I think and I bought a bunch of cute little bowls and plates and other stuff. I think I splurged and spent almost $70, so yes, I came back with a bunch of big bags. I haven’t been back since though. Maybe after my debt is gone and I can afford to splurge again.

5-29-2007 Replaced my broken blender with an Oster Fusion.

5-31-2007 God yes (I miss my sweetie), I’m so desperate for a hug! I miss him so much. And Meow left on Thursday or Friday for Hawaii for a wedding, not sure when he gets back. So I don’t even have him around to get hugs from. I was getting so frustrated in dance class last night with trying to figure out the steps that I was almost crying. It gave me a headache too. Ugh. And my morning workout for today got moved to lunchtime so I’m in an hour late. At least I get to go climbing tonight with DC. And my tomato plant has one teeny tiny tomato growing on it. 😀
– A shirt idea: “I hope you break a tooth and shut the heck up.”
– My boss brought in a big bag of cherries from the trees in his backyard, so I get to enjoy those for a couple days.

6-1-2007 My brother came to visit & we had lunch together, planning on going to the Shrek 3 matinee this weekend. We were originally going to visit dad, but his wife was still recovering from having her appendix removed.
– Discussing large cats with a friend who wants one, Ashera vs. Savannah and I found this quote: “So as far as I can see, buying an Ashera cat is buying an unregistered inferior Savannah cat and paying five times as much for the privilege?”
– I actually have a harness and leash, but Cookie acts like it’s a gravity harness and belly crawls when it’s on. Khalua was fine with it, but then I realized that I didn’t want her getting comfortable outside. I like when she stops nervously at the door to check things out before trying to escape. Gives me time to shove her back in the house.

6-4-2007 My sweetie should be back in San Jose today, and Davis today or tomorrow, yay! I think Meow gets back soon too. Dropped my brother off at the bus this morning. Still managed to get in an hour at the gym before work too. We mostly hung around the house watching movies. Had dinner at Sudwerks with MM, and watched Shrek 3 with DC. We were going to go climbing after, but there was an event yesterday so the wall was closed.

6-5-2007 My sweetie got back in time to join us for the morning workout. We went and had lunch at my place, and he’s coming over tonight. He brought me back some pretty bracelets and some clothing his aunt made in her boutique. Three skirts and on top that matches one of the skirts. He even got the bracelets in the 4 main colors I wear so they’ll go with most of my stuff. The kitties were happy to see him again too. Khalua went crazy over his shoes. I only asked him to bring me a postcard (which he forgot, hehe), so it was sweet of him to pick all that out for me. Hugs were more than enough to make me happy though. Missed him sooooo much. We caught Cookie and Mocha laying on the foot of the recliner together when we came in though. They never do that when I’m around.

6-6-2007 Hung out with my sweetie during lunch for a while. Meow brought me back this awesome little necklace from Hawaii that I’m wearing now too. We’re going to a bbq/housewarming tonight for one of his friends after work, though I have to leave early for Dance class. Then again…. I’ve never missed a class yet… and I’ve been hating the Quickstep. Maybe I will skip class.

6-8-2007 We had dinner at Round Table with DC last night. I was craving comfort food.

6-10-2007 My future step-sister’s wedding.

6-11-2007 My sweetie & I saw Pirates 3 Saturday, and then went to my future step-sister’s wedding on Sunday. It was fun, but tiring. I didn’t get to sleep till 2:30 last night since my stomach started bothering me. I still made it to the gym by 9am though. I think Pirates 3 was worth seeing. Maybe not as good as the first two, but I enjoyed it. And they do have a couple minutes at the end after the credits. I want to see that surfing penguins one that just came out. I think tonight we’re going climbing, and tomorrow I want to try to bake cookies for DC’s graduation (my sweetie’s coworker we climb with).

6-12-2007 I usually feed my guys the hairball care food, but they still leave messes for me to find sometimes. At least they jump off the bed before they get sick. I love having no carpet. Next step is to get a roomba!
– I missed a week of climbing and was itching to go. I’m totally hooked on it. I am getting far enough along that I finally got to a spot on a route that I just wasn’t strong enough to do. But I’d rather improve by climbing easier routes than by doing even more weight training. Much more fun!
– I have to work at the undergrad commencement on Friday. Passing out programs for an hour or so. At least they feed us lunch. Soooo hot today. Biked to therapist during lunch, then had to walk to the ARC for the training. They make everyone in the college “volunteer” to work at commencement. Luckily I’ll be inside where it’s air conditioned passing out programs.

6-15-2007 I got to work graduation today, fun fun fun. At least the rec hall is air conditioned. We got there around 12 for our free lunch… just got back and it’s 5pm.
We’re gonna be late tomorrow though, hair appointment got pushed back to 1:15, and my sweetie is getting his cut after mine, and then we have to come back from Fair Oaks and grab the chicken and cookies.

6-16-2007 BBQ at AP’s place. V’s b-day party in S.J.

6-18-2007 We made it to S.J. for the last 10 minutes or so of his little cousin’s 2nd birthday. Sunday we all went for a walk and then had dinner at BJ’s. It was fun, but I needed some me time so I didn’t get to sleep till late, so I’m going home and catching up tonight. I think we’re gonna see Spiderman tomorrow (Tightwad Tuesday!).
– If I’m really tired I just pass out on the sofa or sneak off to bed and nap and let folks entertain themselves. Going to bed is no more rude than people staying late when you’re tired, so I figure it’s about even. Nobody seems to mind me sleeping, and as long as they’re ok with that I’m happy to let everyone stay late.

6-19-2007 I’m looking forward to the movie, but I seriously need to get to chores tomorrow night, the laundry is starting to pile up. Thankfully I only have a short day trip planned for Saturday, so I can get caught up on the rest of the stuff this weekend.
– Walks are good. I’ve been at least trying to walk over to see Meow or my pirate during lunch most days. The heat feels sooo good after my freezing office. I can’t wear a hat to stay warm because my head overheats in here. I put on my sweater and everything. It’s just my dang hands freezing. Typing doesn’t beef up my circulation enough.

6-20-2007 I enjoyed the Spiderman movie, my pirate did for the most part, though he picked it apart some afterwards as he does most movies. I don’t usually agree with him, but it makes for interesting conversation. I’m glad we saw it, but I’m also glad it was only $4.

6-21-2007 Got my first interview call! The interview is on Monday for a programmer II job.

6-22-2007 I’m helping my pirate try to find someone to take over his lease. One of his old roommates wants him to room with them for about $200 less a month. If I’d known how much his rent was back when he renewed I’d have pestered him to find someplace cheaper back then. Oh well!
– Right now I’m desperately wanting a crepe pan for doing crepes and pancakes and omelets and dosas. I only have one crappy dinky frying pan that my old roommie burned.
– My boss said this was really good:
They have one in Oakland (open 11am to 11pm, midnight on weekends) and one at the Nut Tree (10am to 6pm). We should go try them out sometime.
Ice Cream!
(I did finally go, it’s good, but not worth the extra trip good, I’d rather have Marble Slab or Leatherby’s)

6-23-2007 DimSum in S.F., then shopping at Daiso, then over to a party at S&TR’s place.

6-25-2007 The interview was for a job over in Sproul hall. Another place is setting interviews for the week of 7/9. I got another call on one, but I had to turn it down since it was in Oakland and telecommuting wouldn’t really be an option till way down the line.

6-28-2007 I was ready to crash when I got home last night. I was actually out shopping and then a really late dinner with my pirate and DC.
– I do have a swiffer, which is what I’m going to attack with tonight. Or maybe I’ll just get a roomba to keep the floors clean. But having someone come onces a month to scrub down the bathrooms (especially kitty one) would be awesome. I can tolerate mess/dirt pretty well, but I don’t actually like it. Sooo much more soothing to have a clean & neat home. And it does get to the point more often than I like that it actively bugs me.

6-29-2007 Party at TB’s place, lots of snack food, video games and chatting. Good times.

7-2-2007 I had to take a day off, I’ve been pushing myself too hard lately, I’m kinda surprised it’s taken this long to need a day to recover. Thankfully I have no plans for the next two weekends, and I’m going to keep it that way. And I think I might just take a pass on the second freelance job that came up, since I have another one I’m working on, especially since I might be going back up to full time soon.

7-3-2007 I think my pirate & I are going to go see Ratatouille tomorrow.
– Seems like Hawaii is the in place this year. Bunch of friends went for a wedding, a cousin is there and two more plan to go visit him, and you’re going too. I’d crash with my cousins if I wasn’t already going to Georgia this year.

7-5-2007 We saw Live Free, Die Hard on Monday, and that was good, Ratatouille was good too. But I don’t think there has been a Pixar movie yet I haven’t liked.
– I’ve had a headache off and on since Monday, but it might just be the pms, so hopefully it’ll go away soonish. I hate the summer. I have an interview today for another freelance job. Which is cool, but having to bike practically home for it and then back (it’s at the Center for Neuroscience) in the heat is gonna suck hard. I haven’t made it into the gym once this week. Bleh. My pirate and I are going to go climbing tonight though, so that’s good. We might try to go see a matinee of Transformers this weekend. Other than that and probably doing some of my freelance stuff, I plan to just clean and relax.
– I didn’t get the first job I interviewed for, they hired someone with more windows experience, which is fine, I heard one of the people in the department is horrid to work with. Plus it’s only a programmer II position. The one I’m interviewing for next week and the one I applied for that I really want are both programmer III positions. And programmer III is where it switches to salary from hourly, so they’ll have more room to be flexible with hours, though I probably won’t press for that until after I’m vested. They were nice though and gave me some advice to be more aggressive with my resume though. I guess on the programmer form I undersell myself compared to what most guys fill out and what my actual knowledge is (based on the interview with me). They mentioned they almost didn’t interview me because of that, but once they did I was their second choice.
– Things are good, yesterday was 8 months (for me and my pirate). And we’ve been over that phase of arguing we had early on for months and months now it feels like at least. Basically I was unhappy since he kept all his thoughts/feelings all bottled up (at least the good ones), so once I finally got him to agree to at least compliment me when he thought it rather than keeping it to himself everything smoothed out. He’d only tell me negative stuff about me and the relationship, and was just leaving me to assume the positive. All the other crap was just me being totally unhappy and not giving him any slack. That’s why we were arguing so much, cause only hearing negative and not balancing it out I was starting to wonder why he was dating me, and then once I was feeling that way I was wondering why I was dating him if he didn’t appreciate me. Once we got that worked out, all the other petty stuff we bickered about pretty much evaporated. So now things are just mellow and fun.
– Oh, if you like that post secret site, this one is good too:

7-9-2007 I’ve seen all of Trigun and Full Metal Alchemist, but I only just started on Rurouni Kenshin. I’ve been mostly watching InuYasha and One Piece lately. One a friend got me hooked on, and the other my boyfriend loves. They’re both pretty long series, and I have a love/hate relationship with long series. I hate when a good series ends… so I enjoy the long ones. On the other hand, there is just so much to watch and no final conclusion!
– But there is a camping trip planned in a couple weekends by the Russian River. Mom and her fiance, his daughter and my cousins and some others are going to be there. I’m looking forward to getting some kayaking in.

7-11-2007 It’s really too bad that in order to advance on campus you basically are required to job hop. I was sticking it out at this job since they’d told me I would be able to telecommute someday. They recently informed me that they have no plans to ever let me do so, so I’ve been looking for something that will at least pay better until I’m vested, and then I can just look for something part time if whatever position I’m in at the time won’t reduce my hours.

7-12-2007 MM, one of his friends and his two roomies and I are all going to see Harry Potter tomorrow night at 9:45. I’m planning on picking up tickets right after work, and then getting in line for seats around 9.
– I’m still applying like crazy on campus. I’m up to 122 jobs I’ve applied for. I had another interview yesterday that I’m supposed to hear about in the next two weeks, and that I need to get thank you cards for.
– Another job opened up on campus that I’d love, but the listing is open till the 31st, so it’ll be a while before I find out if I can interview for it. So things are plugging along. They finally promoted me to CRS II which they were supposed to do a year ago. :/ I got the back pay for it, but they take a huge chunk of taxes out of it.
– Hehe, I have that shelfing unit from IKEA in my bathroom. Khalua loves laying on the top shelf and Mocha on the bottom when I shower. No clue why. Kitty sauna?

7-21-2007 Camping/kayaking trip to Casini Ranch on the Russian River.

7-27-2007 MT’s planning a small get together for some home-made tempura dinner on Sat, July 28th around 630p at her place.
– Camping was fun, my pirate got tanned, I got burned. I guess our sunscreen wasn’t waterproof. He enjoyed the kayaking, and I managed to dump myself, my mom and the dogs out of the canoe. Luckily the water was kinda warm, and only knee deep. S’mores are always good, I made lots. And I had an second interview yesterday for a position, so I’m really hoping they offer me the job next week.
– I’m going either Saturday or Sunday to a matinee, probably Sunday with Meow to see the Harry Potter movie.

8-3-2007 I start on the 15th, and on the 17th they’re sending me to Salt Lake City for a training session for that weekend. 🙂 This month is going to be crazy with changing jobs and moving my pirate, and he’s just left and won’t be back till the 12th for a conference, then I have training the next weekend, then we’re going up to see dad the weekend after that. Hopefully I don’t have a melt down! All the paperwork is done other than the background check, I think they’re still running that. No more office for me over there, but the new building they are in is so nice. Temperature is just right, and they have two big skylights. No time off, I’m working right up till the 14th here, then starting there on the 15th. I have a trip to Georgia planned in November though, so that’ll be fun.

8-10-2007 SP and I have new jobs! WOOT WOOT!
So to celebrate, we’re going for dessert (and I suppose probably steaks too for those who eat dinner late) at Buckhorn Thursday the 23rd at 8pm. She’ll now be the ICC marketing goddess, and I’m being upgraded from a code monkey to a code gorilla. Plus JP will be getting inducted into the cult of Apple techs that day. Good reasons to indulge in a mud pie and brownie sundae.
– I’m going to Santa Rosa sometime this weekend, plus a vet appointment in the morning.
– I won’t feel like I’m just being paid to be a body in a chair. I hate that.

8-13-2007 Mom’s fiance really liked Meow’s ginger cobbler, he said it was good since it wasn’t too sweet. Everyone else liked mine though. 😀

8-15-2007 I haven’t read the new Harry Potter book yet, I’ve been waiting for it to come out in paperback. The movie was good though. But each one they have to cut more and more as the books get longer and the movies stay the same length. It’s kinda weird seeing the actors grow up over time too.
– I just started a new job today! And tomorrow they’re flying me out to Utah for training. It’s a pretty decent promotion too, so I’m excited about getting settled in here.

8-21-2007 Khalua loves the turbo scratcher, though she doesn’t really get how to make the ball inside move. It’s kinda heavy. But she bats at it if we spin it. She scratches on it though and sits in the middle, and pushes the whole thing around the floor.

8-28-2007 I went home for lunch. It’s nice being so close now. I’m still getting things set up at the new office, and then I have a training class on campus from 1-4 today, and another one from 2-4:30 tomorrow. I think I’ll only have one more training after that though. The kitties are all sleeping on the bed around me, they’re so cute!

8-29-2007 Interesting/disturbing video my pirate found: The Drugging of our Children (Gary Null) (SSRI drug dangers)(Columbine shooting)
A lot of it I blame on parents letting it happen, not bothering to get informed, but still some disturbing stuff.
– Gah, headachy, and meetings & class all day today. Second to last training class though. It’ll be nice to not have to drive back and forth to campus.
– My pirate & a friend are moving the futons today, so all that’s left is to clean his apartment. And then organize my place. Already sold my old tv. So just vcr and one futon to get rid of at this point. Probably gonna have to just donate the vcr. We’re gonna craigslist one of the futons, so hopefully we won’t have it that long. We already did the salvation army pickup thing. I’m just going to put together another box of stuff for goodwill or the yolo spca thrift store to donate. Craigslisting my other sofa too, full size sofa and full size futon is just too much in my living room. Though that might leave enough space to finally get a papasan chair.
– Training is fine, I just don’t like having to run back and forth from the office to go to it. They actually have training rooms in the new space, but they aren’t set up yet. I’ll probably finish the last class before they are.

8-31-2007 We’re definitely going to either ComicCon or AnimeExpo next year, just to make sure we actually do go down and visit everyone. I’m actually flying out to see RM in November, I want to see the fall colors out east and meet his girlfriend. Plus, I’ve only ever been to Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Japan. And now Utah with the training I went to do for my new job (the most exciting thing that weekend was watching a building implode). So seeing more of the U.S. is on my list of to dos. We’re going whale watching in Monterey tomorrow with my pirate and his folks, so I gotta go get ready to leave.

9-3-2007 Been playing Dungeon Keeper lately, even got into some vs. games with DC.

9-6-2007 My kitties are good, and devil kitty seems WAY happier/mellower since the move, and I don’t know if that’s because she doesn’t have to live in that horrid neighborhood anymore or because I’m much happier or she’s just mellowing with age.

9-7-2007 I’m so busy I don’t even have time to miss tv. Really working on decluttering and reorganizing the house. Almost ready for another Salvation Army pickup. I don’t have as much time for chores, so I’m just trying to hard core declutter. Though I think we’re also going to IKEA this weekend to get some more shelving, mostly for kitchen stuff. There just is not enough storage in that kitchen.

9-10-2007 We went to IKEA saturday, Meow is going to help me put it together tonight or Wednesday, since I already started screwing it together wrong. He is the master and deciphering the IKEA hieroglyphs. Plus we haven’t hung out in a while, so it’s a good excuse to get him to stop by and hang out.
– The raise in October will be nice. I thought it was 3.5%? Maybe different depending on what level you’re at now and union jobs and stuff.
– Salvation army is coming Wednesday for the sofa and stuff, so I need to finish going through my closet to figure out what I’m offloading. Then I have freelance work I need to finish up tonight or tomorrow too.

9-11-2007 How to clean your home in 19 minutes
Ok, maybe some people have the energy/time/willpower to do this daily…. but I don’t think I do. It sounds good, but I don’t see it working in practice. You have to keep up with it constantly, you get sick for a week and slack off, and bam, all those short times go out the window. I have way too many pillows…. but I don’t think I’ve EVER fluffed one. Occasionally they go through the washer and dryer, but that’s as close as it gets.
– My pirate & I are looking into hiring someone to clean if the prices are reasonable. Mostly so I can go back to working out daily with him. Going back to work full time killed my energy/time to do chores AND workout.

9-12-2007 Tried to put together pantry… too tall with the legs (the measurement didn’t include leg height but didn’t say that).

9-14-2007 I measured and I think the pantry will fit where I wanted if we take the legs off. And since we’ll have it on it’s side anyway, we might as well take off the bottom piece and replace it. I can run to IKEA and get the new bottom while you hang out with the kitties or build the drawers. I called them and they have it in stock and said that was a defect.

9-16-2007 Momma visit.

9-18-2007 My pirate has been awesome this weekend and the last few days helping me get the house organized and cleaned up, and we hired a cleaning service and they came and did the big initial cleaning today. The house looks great!

9-22-2007 Game day at my place

9-24-2007 Took Cookie to the vet, they’re doing tests on her little bump, not sure when I’ll hear back. She was a really good girl. Mentioned the throwing up a bit, but I think it might have been the cleaning chemicals, and I’m providing natural non toxic stuff (like vinegar, baking soda type stuffs) for the rest of the time, it was only the first cleaning I didn’t have the list of what they needed.
– I think we might try to go see the third resident evil this weekend, or maybe Tuesday if it’s playing cheap.

9-25-2007 Eep, I really need to actually buy my plane tickets. I had them all picked out, and then the water line under my house kersploded. Thankfully other than the pipes themselves there was no damage.

9-27-2007 I might be going to Santa Rosa Oct 6/7, and if not, then it’ll be because I want to stay home and rest. Speaking of, the weekend of Oct. 27th, can you do kitties probably just Sunday morning? I think we’ll leave Saturday night and come back Sunday night.

9-28-2007 We’re having a carpenter come tonight to fix that cabinet above the fridge finally.

10-1-2007 Saw RE3 this weekend, I enjoyed it. Though my pirate teased me about jumping at every little thing.

10-2-2007 Re: 30 Days of Night – I dunno… I usually like vampire flicks, but it just depends on how it ends. If at least some of the good guys survive or they win somehow, then it’s cool. No more crap endings like The Ring.

10-7-2007 My pirate’s folks are joining us for Thanksgiving in Santa Rosa, so they’ll get to meet my mom and her fiance.

10-20-2007 My high school 10 year reunion got canceled.

10-24-2007 The office for my job is actually off campus so it’s even closer to home. But I do miss getting to bug Meow. But I hadn’t been seeing him daily ever since they moved us to the new offices at the old job.
I’m getting paid much better, have nice coworkers still, enjoy what I do, and I have a pet fish (Jin Beta!) and a skylight over my cube. I’m also liking working 10-7 and being close enough to bike home during lunch.

10-26-2007 Tahoe trip to celebrate AP, JL & MM’s birthdays at MM’s uncle’s cabin.

10-27-2007 Everyone I know down in the San Diego area are safe from the fires, thank goodness!

11-8-2007 My antidepressant/headache medicine stopped working, so although my mood has been fine, my headaches are coming back. And the other medicine they had me try gave me even worse rebound headaches. So I’m hoping to get in to see a massage therapist soon. I have a call in to my doctor to see if they can refer me to one, but if not I plan to go anyway. It would just be really nice if insurance paid for it. I’m also flying out this weekend to see some more of the U.S. and see a friend in Georgia.

11-15-2007 I passed out as soon as I got home Tuesday, and then Wednesday we were running errands and stuff all day.

11-16-2007 We went to pick up my ring, but they set it too high, so we are having them lower it (so I don’t catch it on everything!). It will be done by Saturday for sure, but I’m hoping they’ll get it done early so I can get it after work today. 😀

11-18-2007 My pirate and I are engaged!!!!!!! We just picked up my sparklie finally today. 😀

11-28-2007 I spent the day after Thanksgiving looking at dresses online. Most of the ones I like the House of Fashion at least carries that designer if not the exact dresses.
– I’m going to start baking cookies tonight so I don’t have to do it all Saturday for the party.

12-6-2007 I found out I get time off for community service, so I’m getting back into doing apheresis again. Their weekend appointments were always filling up too fast.

12-11-2007 Here are the teas I mentioned:
I love the Pitta & Vata.
– Don’t buy seasonal foods from Costco anymore unless they have dates on them. Those ones you brought were probably from last year or older the Godiva rep said… when I called because they had worm/caterpillars in them even though the package was sealed. *shudder* Godiva already sent us a replacement box though. Yum!

12-22-2007 Going to look at Christmas lights with my pirate and Meow on Sunday.

12-29-2007 Dinner and board games New Years Eve in Santa Rosa planned. Also sewing on the 15th with my pirate’s cousin’s wife.

1-3-2007 Dinner and Mario Party planned for Thursday night with friends.

1-5-2007 With the big storm a tree fell on a friend’s house! Thankfully very little damage.

1-6-2007 We played Mario Party almost 4 hours yesterday and for an hour or so Friday night. We’ve already played through to unlock one character and a new game board. I like it, nothing crazy unique about it compared to the other games that I know of, but I’ve only ever played party mode on the other ones. It has a puzzle game in the extras zone that I reallylike. I unlocked the other games for there but haven’t tried them out yet. My pirate liked it too and mentioned the main difference is the Wii controller but that it made it easier and more fun.

1-9-2007 According to the UC Davis survey, the average monthly rent this year for unfurnished two-bedroom apartments — which are the most abundant type of apartment unit and account for almost 46 percent of the units in the survey — rose 5.4 percent, from $1,112 to $1,172.
So I could sell my place at a loss (for less than I paid for it) and still end up only having paid as much as I would have for an apartment of the same size. The difference is probably bigger since not many places have washer/dryer hookups and those that do tend to cost more.
So even if I end up only selling it for what I paid for it, I’d come out ahead. And it sounds like the neighbors might be interested when we’re ready. 😀

1-11-2007 Dress shopping planned on Saturday w/JG. 😀

1-24-2007 Second dress shopping trip planned for this Saturday at David’s Bridal.

1-26-2007 Oden dinner at Meow’s. Brought JG after dress and then invitation shopping, just went home to pick up my pirate. MM joined us to for the authentic Japanese food. Meow, MT, TM, J&SP were all there too. Lots of good food and conversation.

1-31-2007 Double appointment at David’s Bridal for Saturday, and going to CarMax for an appraisal.

2-1-2007 The last couple weeks have been really stressful at work and I finally caught whatever has been going
around since the beginning of January. :/

2-5-2007 Sunday night we’re going to San Jose since my pirate’s cousin is visiting and he has a dentist appointment there Monday morning.

Reno trip to see DC president’s day weekend with JG and my pirate.

Trying to add 5 minutes every day of strength or cardio stuff at home in addition to biking. I missed Friday and Saturday though to today I owe 15 mintues.

And my inbox is now clean! Yay!