So I’m totally loving telecommuting. The week of migraines I would normally have ended up being only one tiny one that threatened and I squashed with my imitrex before it got full grown. Also, my fatigue seems to be gone for now too. No more wanting to nap at lunch time, and falling asleep 5 minutes before my alarm goes off that it’s time to leave. Plus I’m always on time now instead of anywhere from 0 to 20 minutes late. If I’m running late I can just brush my teeth while I check my email. Khalua seems super happy too, she’s spent most mornings on my lap or next to me, and she never used to be much of a lap kitty before unless you had food she wanted.

We watched part of Napoleon Dynamite with a friend last night, there were a couple amusing parts, but for the most part it was pretty boring. Supposedly the best part is the end, but it didn’t seem worth going through the whole thing to get there. That reminds me that I borrowed Juno from SP, I need to watch that and return it – and then borrow their staple gun to upgrade the kitties’ food platform with a cover so it’s easier to clean and the bowls don’t slide as much.

On the wedding front, I think we’ve picked our location finally. We’re just waiting on a couple more answers to questions. I need to get all the addresses together and start working on the save the dates now that I have the materials I need and we have a place. Plus, as of tomorrow we only have one year left!