I need to focus on my self to connect with my self.

Oct 21, 2022 log:

The purpose of life is to connect.

It’s simple physics.

Gravity is connection – the pull toward each other. Stub – is gravity just magnetism at a scale we don’t understand?

Atoms are formed from positively charged protons, neutral neutrons and negatively charged electrons.

Positive and negative electrical charges (energy – stub) are how we explain magnetism.


Using the transverse property of mathmatics that means Mc^2=E and that M = E/c^2

Therefore all matter is energy (stub – search terms: what does energy divided by the speed of light squared mean?) and energy connects with magnetism. (stub – define magnetism or magnetic force)

(stub – imagine the things some people could do just by modifying their personal electrical field in the right location, no wonder the idea of that magnified to the levels of The Force is so popular)

Without atoms connecting, nothing would exist.

Without humans connecting to create life, we would die out.

We cannot accomplish anything without connection. And I believe suffering stems from a lack of connection. To test that hypothesis, you have to follow your suffering to the source.

I exist because two people connected. Humans exist because single celled organisms connected. Those cells came into existence because proteins connected. Proteins came into existence because molecules connected. Molecules came into existence because atoms connected. And then we get down into the Quantum physics.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Better together.

The more we get together the happier we’ll be.

Stronger together.

No man is an island.

Excerpts from Cosmogenesis by Brian Thomas Swimme:

almost none of us knew our true identity. Just as amazing, we forgot that we did not know our true identity. This strange situation came from the tiny worlds in which we lived. We thought of ourselves as Americans or Chinese, as Republicans or Democrats, as believers or atheists. Each of those identities might be true, but each is secondary truth. There is a deeper truth. We are universe. The universe made us. In a most primordial way, we are cosmological beings. 

“Begin with the primal light discovered in 1964 by Penzias and Wilson. This light, this cosmic microwave background radiation, arrives here from all directions. We know that each of these photons comes from a place near the origin of the cosmos, so if we trace these particles of light backward we are led to the birthplace of the universe. Which means, since this light comes from all directions, that we have discovered our origin in a colossal sphere of light. This colossal sphere, fourteen billion light-years away from us in every direction, is the origin of our universe. And thus the origin of each of us.” 

“We can speculate about what came before this colossal sphere, but I want to stick with the facts physicists have discovered. The empirical evidence points to a time fourteen billion years ago when our universe consisted of a colossal sphere made of light as well as the primal atoms of hydrogen and helium. That colossal sphere transformed itself into the stars and galaxies and everything else in the known universe.” 

“As this sphere moves forward in time, it evolves under the action of expansion and contraction. That is, as the sphere continues to expand, particular subsets are pulled together via the attraction of gravity. This dual action of expansion and contraction set in motion the creativity that has given rise to every existing entity in the universe. 

“If you want to know the meaning of life, look at your hand. Energy flows through your skin and bones without which you would freeze to stone. That flow of energy in your hand came from the beginning of time. Your hand grew out of the colossal sphere like a flower rising up from topsoil. No one in the history of humanity knew that the expansion and contraction of the universe transformed primal atoms into stars and galaxies. Nor did any person know the quantum field theory and the general theory of relativity that govern this sphere of light. None of the sages or kings had the slightest notion of any of this, but now we know the mathematical dynamics by which the universe brought itself forth. Those same dynamics are coursing through us. The universe’s creativity is happening now. The exact same dynamics are at work. Our bodies churn with creativity rooted in the beginning of time.” 

In that moment, I felt the simple truth more deeply than I ever had in the past. I was the colossal sphere. All of us were. We were rooted in the cosmic microwave radiation. We were the primal atoms speaking of our fourteen-billion-year existence. 

When a student asked her cosmology prof the meaning of life – Big Think
A professor in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness (PCC) Department at CIIS in San Francisco, CA.