I love YOU

I hope that you also love you.

One family member says they feel three kinds of love, and often greets people, including those we’ve just met, with “I love you.”

The first is the love for everyone on the planet.

The second is for the people we know and interact with.

And the third is for close family and friends.

Another family member said they realized that if they lived in someone’s body and had that person’s experiences, then they would think/feel/act the same way the person does.

My thoughts are that we are all worthy of love, even the worst of us, maybe especially the worst of us as they need it the most.

I recently read that the only real job a parent has is to see their child and love and accept them. When we don’t receive all three of those, our most basic need for connection isn’t met.

Behavior is communication – so behavior that we don’t like is communicating that the person is hurting or struggling in some way and needs care, compassion and support.

NVC says to look for the need being expressed.

Connection is the most basic need. And the way we humans connect is by communicating. More specifically communicating that we see each other.

I see you. You’re trying so hard and wishing you could do more. I know that because otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this and it wouldn’t be resonating with you. Know that you ARE doing more. Every action you take is a pebble thrown into water that then ripples outward, and you’ll never know how far those ripples travel or how big they’ll get if they combine with others.

These posts are my pebbles, and it’s why I’m throwing them unpolished, because they can’t make ripples until I throw them.