Basic human needs:

  • Clean enough air
  • Clean enough water
  • Nutritious enough food
  • Enough Movement
  • Enough Shelter/Safety
  • Enough Health care (self care)
  • Secure Attachment (connection)
  • Unconditional Love – Acceptance

I hypothesize air (oxygen to the brain) is the highest need due to oxygen being the thing we die fastest without to my current level of knowledge.

Ok, so what is clean enough Air?

Determining and communicating that is the function of the respiratory system. Ok, how do we know the system is working properly? First you have to identify the system. Done. Respiratory system. Once you understand it, you can begin to identify error conditions. Hypothesis: Mouth breathing a clear indication that there is a problem with the system. To test that, I need to understand mouth breathing.

Ok, so there is some missing info here: Mouth breathing – Wikipedia – I understand that more information exists, I’m not the repository of that information, my purpose is to find the person who does understand the information and find out how to help them share it. Is the purpose of life to seek?


It is enough air that your most urgent need is for water.

Enough clean water is enough that your highest need is food.

Enough food is enough food that pain or suffering is the next things “distracting” (grabbing your attention) the most.


The Basic Needs of a Child: 9 Essential Things Every Child Needs to Thrive (