Take Medication

Jan 10 2023 Edit

Stimulant medications actually help me slooooow down and focus. I’m more likely to end up in a Manic or Hypomanic state without them. Which is the opposite of what happens when folks who don’t need them take them.

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Jan 1 2023 Edit
Morning meds – Midodrine & salt (Vitassium SaltStick) or Adderall

Oct 23 2022 Log:

I think it might be possible to get to a point where I might not need medication. But possible is not the same as probable.

Just because I could walk somewhere, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather take a faster form of transportation and be able to reach destinations sooner.

I take Adderall (amphetamine salts) for my ADHD – brand only as it also helps with my POTS.

The generic form (dextroamphetamine) caused urge incontinence.

Ritalin didn’t help my POTS and gave me the sweats/hot flashes (sympathetic nervous system).

Caffeine doesn’t keep me alert, but it does help speed up my digestive system. So starting the day with it in my protein shake helps me stay regular.

I have to organize my medications in order to track if I’ve taken them or not.