• Curiosity leads to connection.
  • Curiosity inspires me to ask:
    • what happens if I reach out?
    • why am I curious?
    • How do I know what out is?
    • How do I know what in is?
    • If in is within myself, then:
    • how do I define myself?

I get it now! Every day that I sit down to write this stuff out, I have mini-epiphanies. Old phrases are viewed with new knowledge and have more meaning.

Like: think global, act local – there is nothing more local than within myself. And to think global means to understand myself – including my part/role within the global system.

To change the world, change yourself.

To change yourself, you must know yourself.

To know yourself is to love yourself.

Loving yourself is to understand your role in existence.

Your role in existence is to discover.

And the first thing to discover is yourself.

Once you know yourself, you’ll know what you need to do next.

Just follow your attention.

Find the pain.

Understand the pain.

Pain is how your system signals to you that something is wrong.

If you are in pain you either understand why, or you don’t.

Pay attention to your strongest pain. Identify it. Understand it.

If you can’t easily do that, find someone who can.

That is your only role in life – to do everything you can to alleviate the pain. And the first step is to acknowledge it. Then you share it. And if the message isn’t received, try sending it different ways until it is.

That is what autism is to me. It’s a signal that the existing system is flawed. And until I get my system refined so that I’m coming from a solid foundation, I need to keep pulling my focus back.

Am I using the system? To use the system, I need to slow down, focus and make each choice with more deliberation.

Can I check in every five minutes? Just the thought of it is unpleasant – so I’ll go with the 15 minute blocks (pomodoro!) – transition check – repeat. Ok, so I won’t get through as much of the system which mean I won’t have as many errors to log. Which means I can really debug the critical parts.

Yes our brains are organic computers. So we’ve already uploaded our brains. Computers are allowing us to make backup systems for when our brains fail. Computers are also systems to automate repetitive tasks so that our brains can run the observation – action – observation process (system).

To change anything, you must understand the thing. To know the thing is to understand the thing is to love the thing. To know is to love.

To understand the thing you must observe the thing. To observe the thing you must focus your attention on it. It is a repeating cycle or circle. Magnetism is the scientific method at a quantum level. Make an observation, make a hypothesis, test it, repeat. That’s what evolution is. It’s a system of curiosity. And the more connected we are, the better a system we can design to connect better to design better to connect………

Dec 17 2022 Log:

I’m having the thought that maybe I’m wrong about connection being the driving purpose of existence.

It’s all about the whys.

So if connection is the purpose, why does connection happen?

Let’s start with me – I connect with other humans because I can do more working together than apart. Why do I want to do more?

To avoid pain or to satisfy curiosity. Which came first?

Pain drove us to movement. The more we worked together, the farther we could move away from pain.

Hmm, guess “Life is pain” isn’t too far off.

dafs – fall asleep typing……

stub – time for sleep, might need to make the system a bit more robust for bedtime