For a system to work, it must be used.

I choose to use it.

To use it I need to be able to focus.

Dec. 18 2022 logs:

10am Ask what’s next? If I don’t remember, it is logged. Where? I remember that it is logged in Habitica or the Calendar. Habitica is more flexible, the calendar is time restricted. The calendar is for sharing information and coordinating with others. I’m not ready to connect with others until I have connected with myself.

11am I didn’t stick to the system. Why?

It’s not robust enough. Why? I didn’t document errors. Why? I got distracted. Why? I failed to focus.

Dec 17 2022 Log:

Stub – add definition

A process.

A supportive framework.

A series of actions.


Systems help reduce the energy cost to achieve a specific outcome or output.

I am building a system to help me human (verb – the act of being an aware, focused, intentional being). I did not learn during my first 5 years, so I need much more support. I am trying to build a robust system with error logging. This way someone else can see the problems and work to correct them, without having to spend time re-discovering them.

I trust that someone exists or will exist who can and will take this further than I am able.

  • Communication systems
  • Cat care system
    • Cat feeding system
      • metal or ceramic reusable bowls or sustainable one time use compostable plates
        • plastic can lead to chin acne
  • Device charging system
    • Frequently used locations get extra chargers
      • label chargers so they don’t get removed
      • include system reference on the label? Or wait to see if labels fail? Prevention vs Cure – Prevention, answer is yes to include
    • Mobile charging options
      • carried
      • stored in transport
    • Charging schedules
      • factors – solar generation, time of use cost
  • Pain prevention (self-care) system
    • Pain is behavior of parts of the body
    • behavior is communication
    • unmet needs are being communicated
    • next step is to understand and meet the need