Bipolar metrics

How to evaluate risk vs reward.

Too slow, need increased oxygen to brain

Too fast, need to increase oxygen to brain

Just right – within acceptable limits

Normal limits are suggestions for optimal/ideal function WNL

Acceptable limits are outside of normal in one direction or another – sub-clinical if “WNL” but function is still impaired

Unacceptable limits are risking hitting a point of no return.

5 metrics for mania

1 inability to focus or hyperfocus

2 inability to be interrupted

3 aphasia

4 inability to control emotions – crying/laughing

5 inability to answer or ask a question

If you cannot or will not take medication for bipolar, these are the requirements to avoid oxygen deprivation to the point of death, brain damage or forced hospitalization and medication:

Identify at least three adult humans you can love and trust.

One of the three should be yourself. Parents, siblings, spouses or good friends are the most usual choices. If your child is one of the three, you are making BAD PARENT DECISIONS because been there, done that and CPS already exists and either that’s reassuring, scary, neither or both.

If you can’t understand why it is both, you’re not ready to be a parent. If it’s too late, you need therapy.

stub – link – sent LinkedIn request for help finding link to Oakland Foster Parent and Parent involved with CPS therapy

Parenting priorities in order:

Keep human alive

Observe human

Identify question – give answer, find answer, give direction

If you cannot observe, identify or direct a human successfully, you need to learn to observe, identify and direct yourself better.