I recognize my limits.

I recognize my child’s limits.

I don’t know if I recognize my spouse’s limits.

I believe my spouse struggles to set limits. My spouse does not believe that.

Define limits.

Can, will, must.

If sleep is the highest priority after breathing.

Then teaching child to sleep is highest parental priority after breathing is automated.

Then which parent needs sleep more at any given time must help child learn next skill. Or both parents need to ask for help.

Current next skill is going back to bed and getting comfortable before getting back to sleep after waking up cold or needing to go to the bathroom. Teach pulling up blankets or to sleep with warmer pajamas.

Steps: ask what’s wrong, if nothing, express love and redirect back to bedroom

If cold, offer help getting tucked back in.

My friend was asking what is wrong with me because apparently I don’t know how to tuck myself in right when I was crashing on his sofa. So it’s not surprising this is a struggle.