Helping Hands

I love the scene from the movie Labyrinth with the Helping Hands. We often reference that one.

Stories are how humans use language to encode our history, experiences and knowledge.

I think there is a set of three here.

  • Living your story (predetermined path – neurotypical – going with the flow)
  • Search for a different story (following beat of a different drum – neurodivergent – taking the path less traveled)
  • Write your own story (most likely it’s not a new story, but maybe we need more versions so that others can find a different story – neurodivergent – being the drummer – forging a new path – being a trailblazer)

If those are the three sets, then:

  • If you’re living your story, you already have all the help you need and you can just live your live with peace, joy or love.
  • If you are searching for a different story, you need help finding stability. Which means you are looking for a path you can confidently follow towards hope, peace, joy or love.
  • If you are writing your own story, then you are so far from hope, peace, joy and love that you are running from suffering, hopelessness and terror. And you’re blazing the trail away from those while trying to block the path back the way you came from. Trailblazing is painful, and trailblazers choose pain as long as they can avoid hopelessness and terror or they can see hope or love past the pain.

So then we’re at a boolean:
not neurotypical (neurodivergent, neurospicy, neurofabulous)

If you’re neurotypical and have all the help you need, then you wouldn’t be still reading this because it will sound weird, boring (obvious) or stupid. Or more likely you wouldn’t even find my blog because you’re investing all your time and energy in your loved ones. You’re keeping the human race going. You’re the foundation of love and resilience that has allowed us to get this far and this fast. You prioritizing living and love is the control for humanity’s self experimentation.

So, if you’re not neurotypical, then are you looking for the road less traveled or are you trailblazing? Are you the drummer or marching to the beat of a different drum?

If you need help finding a new trail, you need to identify a Wayfinder or trail markers left by Wayfinders.

If you have found a new trail, you can follow it and when you want or need to, you can find a place along the trail to rest in peace and love and be a Guide to those with the energy to keep going until you are ready to travel again or become a Waypost. The more people that follow a trail, the easier the path will be. You can decide how much trailblazing you will do to redirect people away from the old path you came from. To change the flow that others go along with.

If you are still lost or running in terror or away from pain because you can’t find the direction of hope or love, stop and hide. Breathe as slowly as you can. If you can see the light to go towards, then go. If you can hear a song, pause, listen, search for it. Any time you lose sight of hope, stop, listen, breath. If you can’t, then be a Signal. Share your story and your pain as loud and as long as you can bear. Either you will drive away any danger, or the Helpers will find you and help you.

Trailblazing hurts. If you are trailblazing, go until you must stop. Rest until you must go. And know that it’s ok to leave a mark of joy and love and pain if you must cease. And that sorrow is another Trail Marker and grief is another Guide.