Human Programming Languages

Are you neurodivergent or Autistic? Both? Something else? Language is how we program and operate human brains, so changing language can change our programs and language is so easy to change and so hard to master.

In the womb is where we program the human brain to recognize the voice of it’s human parent.

The first 3 years is where we program the human brain to be a human and the next 2 years focus on training the human brain to recognize and communicate with other human brains. Then the next 10 years are spent training the human brain to maintain the health of the human brain and how to program the human brain. The following 10 years are spent refining and/or modifying the programming, and making connections.

If any part of that goes wrong, then you end up with someone neurodivergent who is then trying to understand the human brain and fix it (fix theirs).

Right now, I think we’re in the neurological revolution – we had the industrial revolution, then the technical revolution and the neurological/biological revolution is next/now. It’s why AI is progressing so fast and why it’s still so confusing. AI is how we model the human brain and it’s showing us how little we understand about how the human brain works, and the technical revolution has revolutionized the study of the human brain.

It’s only recently that we can talk to or get to any human on the planet, so we’re going through a messy testing/pruning process to figure out how co-exist on a planetary scale.