I’ve been wondering how MBTI stands up to research. And looky here! 15 Personality Tests Compared for 2022 (

It’s exciting to see more and more people sharing their critical knowledge freely online and also still finding a way to support themselves. above being one example. and are the other two that come to mind immediately. WikiPedia and Wiktionary are sorta crowd sourced versions.

I started realizing today (Jan 17th) that in addition to speaking up about things that I see (advocacy) I’ve also begun coaching folks in their 20s-30s who are early on in their careers. They tend to react with bemusement when I tell them they aren’t charging me enough.

Here’s my logic:

$60/hour was considered reasonable years ago for folks working without a license or insurance and doing physical labor that required experience

Now add cost of living increase.

And license/bonding fees.

And insurance.

And retirement savings since Social Security doesn’t look super secure and hard physical labor is not really a long term option for many bodies.

Health insurance costs.

Bay area extra cost or travel costs to live in less expensive areas.

So now you’re looking at probably at least $100/hour per person. So if the job is done in 2 hours by 2 people, that’s still $400.

Women are generally underpaid and we tend to undercharge habitually based on that.

And I was doing it too in my 20s/30s and didn’t have anyone to tell me I was under-charging.