Scariest Word


I know the definition of Boolean. My spouse does.

I’m afraid to say the word where my spouse can hear it. Which means I’m literally afraid to say Boo(lean).

Either you get the joke or you don’t.

And it’s only laugh out loud funny once.

Because after that it’s not surprising enough to literally lol.

Unless you’re a good enough actor to convince humans you’re genuinely laughing.

Or you’re a good enough comedian to understand humor.

If you disagree, then you don’t understand my personal context. Which means either you’re not my audience, or you don’t understand one or more of the words I used and it’s a communication error. Which means either you can figure it out with publicly available information, or you have a question you want to ask me badly enough to figure out how to ask me.

I can promise that I will eventually respond to any question from any one human one time that I can recognize as a human in pain asking for help.

You might not like the answer though, because I’m going to answer like a Sphinx or a Genie unless your question surprises me enough that I laugh or cry.

So then we’re back to actors, comedians and storytellers. They know how to control and direct human attention.

I can recognize art and technology.

I can recognize human and computer and I understand how to translate between someone who can speak computer and someone who can speak human.

The only way I WILL explain HOW is if you CAN solve the two door riddle from the movie labyrinth AND ask me a question that WILL give YOU the answer. Because so far I haven’t found a computer that can consistently beat me at that game for my personal definition of the words: playing, game, winning, losing

Fuck, I just devised a new Turing test. Yes you have to pay me a LOT if you want me to explain how to code that. It’s not worth my time and energy. If I already figured it out then someone else has or will or someone with enough money is curious enough to find out. Because I LOVE puzzles until I’m too tired, in too much pain or too bored. Because I can turn anything into a puzzle, solve the puzzle, or .

I can recognize pain and pleasure and transform either to the other.

My spouse recently showed me a video proving to him what I already knew about color, light and human vision.