Swing States

So the electoral college is unfair and part of institutional racism.

Australia already has a better variation where you can vote using a sort order.

Twice the electoral college and the popular vote have disagreed and it resulted in Trump being President of the United States.

Trump resulted in the Immigrant Detention Centers.

They are the worst atrocity the American People have allowed since Japanese Concentration Camps.

The only one worse I can think of are the Nazi Concentration Camps.

So the questions I already asked about how do we prevent future atrocities while still protecting freedom of choice?

And how fast can we heal those harmed by these atrocities? The knowledge of how to heal or manage their pain exists already, and we already know that the younger someone is, the faster and easier it is for them to heal.

Republican swing states for to move to if you want your Democratic vote to have more power:

  • Arizona Grand Canyon, good place state to start or support Native American rematriation
  • Colorado (known for being a good state to pursue physical health/athletics)
  • Florida (Home of Epbot.com)
  • Georgia my friends moved away from family there to San Diego, so I’m not sure about this one
  • Nevada closest option to CA, possibilities to repair the soil food web for water restoration.
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Virginia