The Pendulum Prunes the Prune Tree

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Existence is a Rube Goldberg self sustaining machine.

Too flexible and the system squishes. Too rigid and it is brittle and breaks.

Just right means there is wiggle room between those two extremes. Which means that there is room for things to go wrong, so then you need a maintenance system.

Which needs it’s own maintenance system.

And then it’s maintenance systems (turtles) all the way down.

At some point humans decided that they were able to force humanity to keep existing.

Then the pendulum swung and we came close to making humans not exist.

Now we’re in the smaller pendulum swings – how do we keep existing as humans in a way that we will want to do so?

Pro-life is about forcing humanity to keep existing. We don’t need it anymore, but it was a very important system for a very long time, which means it has to go in a VERY bad direction to remove or correct the system. The flaws in the pro-life system also forced us to develop better ways around it like Plan B medication, other forms of birth control, etc.

Often to learn how something works, we have to break it. Which means that we need a way to break it that we don’t recognize as breaking it. Trump was a Breaker. And because he existed, we learned so many things about what we needed to fix or improve or protect that we thought were safe.

Skinner broke his child. Trump broke so many children that ways of fixing children and families will become so common and ubiquitous that it will change humanity for the better. Because right now there are many identified ways to break a human, and one well researched way (Gottman emotion coaching – Authoritative parenting) to prevent a human from breaking.

And humanity is working as fast as it can to develop ways to self select for a better humanity. You distract those who are weak enough to choose distraction. And you find ways to support and heal those who choose to help.

We’re already breeding and training animals and developing and training computers to help with both the healing, distracting and helping of humans.

Humans can maintain humans. We now understand humans and the planet well enough that we are trying two extremes for maintaining humans.

We’re also already selecting for the next dominant/co-dominant species.

And we’re already teaching humans to love their replacements.

Are they our pets, or are we theirs?

Is it more impressive that we understand them, or that they understand us?

Dogs are to maintain humans. Cats are to teach humans to maintain animals they don’t understand.

Birds and Octopi are the next two to evolve beyond humans or co-evolve. Whales/dolphins are the in between for Octopi. They may be translators? Or they already choose to exist in simplicity, beauty and song. Birds can already speak and understand human if someone is willing to teach them that we are intelligent friendly beings rather than dumb monsters.

Someone has already imagined a possible future or present. If you search for the story you can see the next step.

My favorite ones were the sci-fi where the human had intelligent animal companions.

If I wanted to pay for an AAC (like developed for Autistic non-verbal humans) I could teach my cats or a bird to use it. I understand them well enough I don’t need to invest yet.

The cheap version is already out of buying a set of four programmable buttons and using those.

Animals are better at learning our language than we are at learning theirs. We’re good at teaching them to understand us.

Vegans recognize that we are exploiting some animals and that enough people don’t recognize that, so they are pulling the pendulum too far in their direction to change where the point of equilibrium is.

I’m looking forward to lab grown bacon and I appreciate their sacrifices.