Triangles for Stability

They are great for structural integrity (earthquake resistant construction for example) and also for personal integrity.

You need at least two people close enough to you so that at any one time you have:

  • The point person
    • point man
    • director
    • conductor
    • the idea person
    • the leader sometimes if already in motion
  • The yes person
    • yes man
    • person expressing gratitude/appreciation to energize the point person to move
      • offering carrots to overcome inertia
    • or the person with the energy to follow the directions and become the leader
      • self motivated
    • if no one agrees with you
      • keep looking for someone new to explain to
      • try explaining differently
      • testing or demonstrate your ideas
      • come up with a new idea
    • or coming up withovercomes inertia to get the point person moving – becoming the leader or following someone’s lead)

The devil’s advocate (the fact checker, the safety, adds enough friction to slow things down enough to problem solve fast enough that things can keep going rather than break/burn out)