Dental care list

Preferred order but not required:

Mouthwash – swish for 30 to 60 seconds, then spit into sink

Floss (gets mouthwash between teeth)

Rinse and put away flosser


  1. Wet brush
  2. Apply toothpaste if using (optional – the friction of the bristles is enough)
  3. Divide mouth into quarters, at least 30s each
    1. Either upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left
    2. Or right outsides (teeth together), left outsides (teeth together), top insides, bottom insides

Test for clean teeth using your tongue. Get any spots that aren’t clean.

If you can’t reach the back molars, look into tongue tie.

Rinse and put away toothbrush

Clean tongue (brush or scrape with spoon, no special tongue scraper needed).

Clean tonsils if required (I use the spoon handle)

Spit as needed