Parenting is Programming

The human brain is a biological computer.

We program it based on our own programming.

The first year is when you’re supposed to program in that nothing is more interesting than a human baby and it’s attention and that when the baby makes a sound or looks, it will get attention.

This is why a village is important. If the baby isn’t asleep, you need to be giving it your attention or pass it off to someone who can while you rest.

After the attention thing is set, conversation, the back and forth – babble, sign, etc. is the next critical thing.

How many Autistic kids are in speech therapy because of pragmatics? Or they need help enunciating because they didn’t learn to look at the person talking to them.

What are you teaching your kid now and is it what you intend?

Right now I have to teach my kid that hiding your pain is no good and to ask for help when you need it.