I am not a doctor. I self-diagnosed my concerns and then had my doctors confirm. I was able to do that due to blog posts by other people. So I feel it’s my responsibility to share my experiences in case I can pay it forward by doing so.

I’m also throwing things out as I have time rather than saving them until they are polished – take that perfectionism! 

  • Perfect is the enemy of the good
  • You don’t need to be perfect, just good enough
  • Practice makes progress
    • So check your aim to be sure you like your destination!
    • Which wolf wins? The one you feed
  • Better finished satisfactorily than incomplete perfection


My Pronouns: they/she

(Some of) My concerns: ADHD, Anxiety, ASD, Climate change, Collaborative & Connected Parenting, EDS (with POTS & Raynaud’s), Homeschooling (Unschool-ish, SEL focus), Hyperlexia, Sustainability

Embrace diversity with curiosity!


Above is what I use for my signature (as of 2022). This site has gone through various iterations, but mostly in the past and now I use it to info dump and share knowledge – previously more with family and friends, then with folks with struggles like I’ve had. I have benefitted greatly from others doing so, and want to make sure I pass on the kindness.

I now am also wanting to share as advocacy work to make a better future for my child and everyone else and also to practice the new SEL skills I’m learning myself.

I definitely don’t have the bandwidth to read or reply to comments, so they are turned off.

Labels that have helped me understand myself: HSP, INFP, Introvert, ADHD, Autism (I first found and resonated with the former Asperger’s/Aspie name), Ehlers-Danlos, POTS (Postural Orthstatic Tachycardia Syndrome), Raynaud’s Syndrome.

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