Pain Prevention

Heat vs Pain

I’ve been using the Sunbeam heat pads to target my mid-back pain. Sometimes they are enough for my cervicogenic headaches, but the last one I had it was not. Next on the list is trigger point injections to help with my mid-back pain.

Even just raising my arms is enough weight to cause my rib/spine pain to flare up. So then I have to go sit and heat treat to prevent it from cascading into another cervicogenic (mine last three days usually) headache that was misdiagnosed as a migraine.


I was looking at upgrading my 23andMe, but then I saw they mislabeled Misophonia. So I sent them a letter instead:

Misophonia was incorrectly labeled: (hatred of the sound of chewing) on
While that is the most well-known and common form, Misophonia is actually specific sound sensitivity. Having two family members who suffer from it and NOT the chewing form, it was disappointing to see 23andMe spreading misinformation.

Misophonia – Wikipedia

Dental care list

Preferred order but not required:

Mouthwash – swish for 30 to 60 seconds, then spit into sink

Floss (gets mouthwash between teeth)

Rinse and put away flosser


  1. Wet brush
  2. Apply toothpaste if using (optional – the friction of the bristles is enough)
  3. Divide mouth into quarters, at least 30s each
    1. Either upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left
    2. Or right outsides (teeth together), left outsides (teeth together), top insides, bottom insides

Test for clean teeth using your tongue. Get any spots that aren’t clean.

If you can’t reach the back molars, look into tongue tie.

Rinse and put away toothbrush

Clean tongue (brush or scrape with spoon, no special tongue scraper needed).

Clean tonsils if required (I use the spoon handle)

Spit as needed

Power over Pain

I’m recovering from the hour drive to and from the Stanford Pain Clinic but I am hopeful as they have Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and options for trigger point injections and emergency pain meds. I’m hopeful that after the PT/OT evaluations they’ll be able to refer me to someone more local that can help with the Muldowney Protocol.

Parenting is Programming

The human brain is a biological computer.

We program it based on our own programming.

The first year is when you’re supposed to program in that nothing is more interesting than a human baby and it’s attention and that when the baby makes a sound or looks, it will get attention.

This is why a village is important. If the baby isn’t asleep, you need to be giving it your attention or pass it off to someone who can while you rest.

After the attention thing is set, conversation, the back and forth – babble, sign, etc. is the next critical thing.

How many Autistic kids are in speech therapy because of pragmatics? Or they need help enunciating because they didn’t learn to look at the person talking to them.

What are you teaching your kid now and is it what you intend?

Right now I have to teach my kid that hiding your pain is no good and to ask for help when you need it.


I’m lucky to have supportive friends and family.

I wish I had more local female friends that recognized their neurodivergence. People don’t want to be told that their camouflage is failing.

Right now zoom is tiring as I adjust to my new meds and new diagnosis, so it’s hard to connect with my openly neurodivergent female friends that all live out of state.

I’m posting this so that others might realize that they could be more open about being Autistic and various types of neurodivergent.

Or go take Penelope’s class: Autism research that fixes your life – Penelope Trunk Careers