Manic Monday

Friday I got a chance to just relax with the meows.

Saturday I did some chores and relaxed a bit before heading over to AP(m) & TC’s place for game day. I got there early and TC and I had fun doing my makeup and hair. We got in some Darn before MM showed up and I actually managed to win a round! We followed it up with Settler’s Knights & Cities. I came the closest I have so far to winning so it was frustrating to come in second. It only allows for six players and my pirate didn’t feel like listening to the rules so he was bored most of the game since he and I were playing as a team. The game took a really long time too, so we followed it up by playing Dalmudi. TC’s friend suggested that we should have a lesser peon hat, so TC pulled a felt cat in the hat style one out of the garage. I ended up being greater dalmudi for a while, and the one time I dropped from greater dalmudi all the way down to greater peon… I got both jokers for a revolution and ended up back as greater dalmudi again.

Sunday I managed to unpack a few more boxes from the den and do some chores while the pirate played FF12. We made some decent progress in the game, but ended up leaving for the movie too late to have dinner at Seasons beforehand. He was nice enough to take me to see Pan’s Labyrinth (which should have been called The Labyrinth of the Faun) for our 3 month anniversary and we both actually really enjoyed the film (though he took issue with some of the elements that are traditional parts of fairy tales, and it was subtitled). There were a few really gruesome scenes, so I was very glad he was there. Seasons was closed by the time we got out so we ended up having dinner at Applebees. I even wore a skirt and makeup for the date – I’m not a total tomboy contrary to popular belief.

Oh, I also made a smoothie on Sunday. It was an experiment to use up some stuff and I like how it turned out (though the pirate’s face scrunched up after trying it). I peeled two grapefruits I was given and removed the seeds. The grapefruit went in the blender and I added a packet of lemon jello mix, a few big spoonfuls of jam & water. It was too sour still, so I added a can of peaches after I drained the juice and then some more jam. So now I’ve added a bunch of frozen fruit and some juices to my order so I can make more smoothies and get more fruit/fiber in my diet.

I also need to hit Target soon and get more of those rolling organization bins for my den so I can unpack some more boxes. I’d also like to see if they have any penguin humidifiers left and also the headphones I decided I wanted (over the ear, single cord with an automatic winding system).

I also want to look up more crockpot recipes. I’d like to try some so I can experiment with cooking meat with alcohol and use up some of my supply that it’s obvious I’m not going to drink. Though I also want to start having spiked hot chocolate occasionally.

I also registered a new site to be my new product brand for selling stuff under and got my paypal account set up for their merchant service.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the lawyer to figure out what my options are in regards to the house, after which I plan to go to BJ’s and enjoy a brownie sundae to either celebrate or to cheer myself up depending on how it goes. Hopefully the former!

Happy Feet!

Oh my gosh! Must see this movie!!!!! DANCING PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of ArtAlso, I really want this Seasame Street movie I remember watching on tv once when I was a kid.

And as usual, linkies to drool over.
sugar flower These sugar decorations are gorgeous & yummy!
shaped ice cube trays I have a heart one, but I want star ice cubes too! (Found one at IKEA!)

rolling pin And a baby blue non-stick rolling pin! I do have a non-stick rolling pin… but it’s not baby blue silicon!
star cookie cutter I really want this star cookie cutter too. It would be great for my stained glass cookies.
segmented bowl I’m not hot for white dishes, but the idea is a good one.
penguin mugsPenguin mugs perfect for hot chocolate!

Cool site: Instructables: step-by-step collaboration


Wow, I haven’t been keeping up… so from the 16th till the 4th…

Sept. 16 More anime with MM, Nausicaรค of the Valley of the Winds is awesome! I think that and Laputa: Castle in the Sky are my two favorite Miyazaki movies. I’m not a huge Disney fan, but I have to be happy that they’re bringing over so many of Miyazaki’s movies.

Sept. 17 I went to an all women cuddle party and it was wonderful!!

Sept. 18 I have no idea… I assume I played WoW and did chores since I had no specific plans.

Sept. 19 – Sept. 22 Just a normal work week, but my last week of carpooling. ๐Ÿ™

Sept. 23 More anime with MM and I think the last new Battlestar Galactica till January… *cry* The last new Star Gate: Atlantis was a cliff hanger too! *pout*

Sept. 24 Helped the Princess and JP move to Davis and then had yummy pizza at Cafe Italia. My klutz moment… I put some vases the Princess gave me on top of my car so I could open the door. I open the door and BAM! two of them fall and shatter. Luckily the nicer ones were the ones left. Obviously I was not meant to have those other two. I felt pretty silly though. I blamed it on the spirit of PH trying to keep me from aquiring more clutter.

Sept. 25 Sundays seem to be chore/WoW days. I think I watched Tomb Raider 2 while doing the fishing contest in WoW (I didn’t win but I did get a rare fish) and then went to the guild meeting. Tomb Raider was ok, but not good enough to really grab my attention fully enough to stop fishing.

Sept. 26 – Sept. 29 My first week of carpooling…. late every single day, but I actually was much more productive coming in later in the day.

Sept. 30 Saw Serenity with MM & JP & Princess, it was great!
Oct. 1 Went and saw JL perform in an opera about beauty and the beast. It was actually pretty neat and he was great. The circus performers/fairies we my favorite though. Some of their acrobatics and contortions were pretty impressive. We went out for drinks to just hang out afterwards and I met JL’s girlfriend’s friend who seemed really nice, we even swapped backrubs which I always love.

Oct. 2 More WoW and chores!

Oct. 3 Got KM to come over to trade backrubs. We couldn’t get his movie to play in my dvd player though so we watched Patriot Games which I’d never seen. I thought it was a good movie.

Oct. 4 Tonight I’m going to finally get DDR set up and do at least five minutes. I want to start doing that nightly and work up to 20-30 minutes for exercise.

Movie review, sorta :)

I finally got around to watching Never Been Kissed from netflix last night. It was cute, and had amusing parts, but really it wasn’t that engaging of a movie. It was like they were trying to appeal to teens & adults… and ended up in this middle ground that did neither. I like Drew Barrymore, she’s cute, and I don’t feel like I wasted my time, but the movie isn’t one I’d recommend to anyone. And I’m glad CS & I didn’t have time to watch it after running errands Wednesday – he would have hated it I’m sure.

another 3 day update

Let’s see, I got Cinderella Story from netflix and watched that Thursday night. It was ok by my standards – so by most other people’s it sucked bad. Ella Enchanted was much much better. Friday CS & I went to see Blade: Trinity. I liked is as much as the second one, which was close enough to as much as I liked the first one. But if you didn’t like 1 & 2, you won’t like 3 either. This was followed by much WoWing this weekend. I finally got to level 10… and then 11 and 12 before I actually got my bear form. J&SP both helped me out a bunch and made me realize how incredibly weak I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

I got up way too early Saturday to go to TT’s graduation, but then I got to take a nice 3 hour nap so I felt better. Finished up paperwork with momma, so we’re finally all done and she’ll own her store very soon now! Got in a game of Settlers with the gang and actually managed to win thanks to a couple of victory points. We cruised by the Sac Brewing Co. to join TM’s family and to celebrate TT’s graduation with some drinks (mine was a root beer float – the only non-alcoholic beverage ordered). All of us “old couples” bailed after the guys finished their pitcher of beer. We squeezed in another game of Settlers, but WoW called (especially once I realized I had no chance of winning) and I came running. CS gave me my christmas gifts early too. Godiva chocolate. Sooooooooo good. I’m definitely a happy girl.

Sunday was more WoW – I had to get two weeks of playing in since I won’t be playing Christmas weekend – and then off to get my “new” mattress from one of the ladies I carpool with. She was getting rid of her old one and has a new one coming, so she offered me hers. She couldn’t understand why I wanted it though until she saw mine. Mine was a refurbished one that was supposed to last through college at Davis, so 2-3 years, not more than 5 years! I slept like a dream last night, her old mattress felt like sleeping on a cloud compared to my old one.

And I got ready soon enough this morning for more laser pointer with the kitties and I have physical therapy to look forward to tomorrow. Yay!

Crazy busy!

No wonder I had to take a day of rest yesterday, I’ve been too crazy busy! Friday I had pizza & watched anime with CS. Then I got a hit of WoW in while CS & his roomies watched Dodgeball. I managed to cram a bit more WoW in the next morning before we headed out on the great SF trip. We ended up not having to drive which was nice. Found parking, decided against the 65-90 minute wait for Cheesecake Factory and found a tasty little Japanese place. Starbucks provided drinks and then we were off to Nordstrums. We all met up just across the street, but due to tiredness and parking garage closing at 6pm, there was a bit of a time crunch. So we hiked up 5 blocks or so, caught the California Cable Car line and once we were all in the same place (with me & CS hanging off the side – fun!!!), we sang jingle bells & frosty the snowman. The folks headed for J-town hopped off and we sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on the way back.

Back at CS’s we managed to get together a game of Settlers – JR’s J won again… she does that quiet innocent thing too well. I gotta start keeping better track of points if I want to win again.

Sunday I got to play more WoW, I can feel the addiction attempting to take hold… and then CS’s roomie AJ & I went to get our nails done. It was fun and I like how my nails look… although I had to have a dent repaired before I left as I’d already messed one up. After that I was extra careful till I was sure they had set. Which made for me being mostly useless on the trip to Apple Hill for their tree. It sure was fun though! CS & JR had to fight the brambles to get to the tree AJ picked and chop it down. Tying it to the car took a good long while – but at least the tree never fell off on the trip home. I got some tasty fresh apples and CS shared his apple turnover with me since I liked it better than my struedel.

That night I went to my dad’s to celebrate his birthday with my him & his wife & my brother. It was fun, but tiring. Monday was work and I finally finished watching Maze – just plain weird little anime. I found it mildly amusing, but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Tuesday more work & CS brought over the Chronicles of Riddick which I enjoyed. Wednesday I was wiped and just stayed home to rest. Today was work and physical therapy for lunch and I took tomorrow off – woohoo!

Blah week

Hmm, watched Someday’s Dreamers, very cute & sweet anime. Was moody. Watched Ella Enchanted which I really enjoyed. Started watching Maze – strange little anime. Applebees for lunch yesterday. Tried their brownie. Brownie was good but it & the fudge weren’t hot, more like barely warm – and that’s after I asked for it to be warmed up. The search for the perfect brownie/ice cream combo continues. Bleh.

You know it’s bad when….

You have to read someone else’ blog to remember events in your own life.

So we had some time to kill Saturday night waiting for PH to get back from the dinner thingy he was dragged to. So I popped in this short and very odd/silly anime called Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, loosely based on – duh – Alice in Wonderland. This was CLAMP’s attempt at being mildly naughty, they didn’t do a great job of this and I knew nothing other than “CLAMP does pretty stuff!” when I bought it. Now I find it hilarious to see people’s reaction. Some are confused, some annoyed, and some actually find it funny like I do. The reaction Saturday night was that it was a total tease that put at least one member of the group into a p0rn deficiency which had to be remidied quickly. So I was dragged off with the group, luckily, not thinking I’d need my purse, I left it (and my id) behind. No id, no entry, so I got off the hook scott free. I waited briefly in the car until CS came out to take me home. The exhorbitant prices there foiled the groups evil plot to buy me p0rn whether I wanted it or not. So we waited at home for them to finish laughing over the cheesy titles. After they got back there was much joking about the small and very pricey selection. And talk about what the heck they’d do with a 3 inch item they found if they had bought it, since 3 inches was considered too small for its actual purpose. Paperweight, especially a paperweight gift to PH was the favorite option. Although a hat decoration was briefly considered. So there was my excitement for the weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

Busy weekend

Let’s see, Friday the gang descended and settled in for a long night of roleplaying while I watched the “Return to Snowy River.” Which wasn’t nearly as good as the first movie “The Man from Snowy River,” but I still mostly enjoyed it. Pizza for dinner was num num too. They didn’t go to sleep until sometime around 6am. I snuck out to go to my appointment and brought back bearclaws. In the process I found out that the ones in the packages are the day old ones left over (they didn’t have any bearclaws packaged) and that you can get a box by asking at the counter (they even gave me a price label sticker) and pick out fresh ones from the bins.

After that the gang regrouped (some came back, the rest that crashed woke up) and dove back into more role-playing. I just finished watching the Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers) dvds, and I sooo can’t wait to see the next one which comes out soon. X (the first dvd of the tv series) came in the mail too, and it is so pretty, probably the prettiest CLAMP animation I’ve seen so far. If you don’t know what’s going on it’s a bit confusing, but basically you’re filled in as the characters are, so things are confusing at first because the plot is so complicated. The characters and great fight scenes make it easy watching though, even if you’re not sure why things are happening yet.

I think the gang was up till 4am this time, all I know is almost everyone was gone when I got up the next morning. I spent most of the day lazing around, but I did manage to get 3 loads of laundry and a load of dishes done. Yay me! The kitties were thrilled to relax in bed with me too after their fun but exhausting last 2 days entertaining and being entertained by the guests. They especially enjoyed the fresh air from the window I opened so we could all appreciate the soft gray skies and cool breezes we had all day. I love the fall weather, the cloudy skies that don’t hurt my eyes, cool air that doesn’t make me miserable. That and it means that soon I’ll be gearing up for Christmas! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and CS had fun helping me install my new windshield wipers. I didn’t think of it until after dark once it started sprinkling, luckily it turned out to be pretty easy and the new ones work great so far. Then I got to leave 20 minutes early this morning to gas up the car, because I managed to forget that this weekend too.

Goals for this week:

finish last load of laundry

file away papers in office

continue clearing off hutch in front of fireplace

prep for party (figure out what I’m going to bake & buy ingredients)