Hmmmm… & Anime Review

So my therapist thinks I don’t need to see her anymore, but I’m not quite ready to let go of my security blanket yet, so we’re weaning me slowly. Next visit is in two months. Basically things are going really well and the only thing I’m unhappy about I’m working on (having good girlfriends). That and I found out heat can trigger my depression stuff, so I need to find someplace in CA (not too far from family) that is much cooler than Sac, is preferably nice and small and green, but not too far from a decent sized city with lots of stuff to do. Oh, and where I can afford to live. I’ll start doing research online, and follow up with visits next summer. And then we’ll see what happens if I actually manage to find someplace to fit the bill. That or I’ll just give in and wear those stupid looking evaporative cooler things around my neck from Sharper Image. 🙂

So all those fires are kicking so much ash into the air that it smells like a wood fire outside and the sky is a solid gray, even though there are no clouds. And the ash is so thick that you can see particles drifting down through the air, like dry snowflakes. The sun was an eerie red disk yesterday, with its light so filtered by the ash in the air that you could look straight at it. I hope it rains soon and puts the fires out.

I get to eat pizza & watch movies tonight. I’m way behind on Boys Over Flowers which I borrowed from Princess SP.

Oh! Anime Review time!

Weathering Continent
carrot peelings

Somewhat pretty, simple/boring plot, and no character development. Ugh.

Sentimental Journey
1 carrot

Based on the dating sim game, pretty characters, tiny bit of plot, but I think it’s probably much better if you’ve played the game. The stories touch on each of the 12 girls’ lives (one 20-30 minute episode each) some years or so after the game. I enjoyed it, but it isn’t one I’d make anyone watch, or even recommend, unless you’re like me and pretty pictures make you happy. 🙂

.hack/something or other – the one that came with the game
2 carrots

This was interesting and made me want to play the game (which watching the anime .hack/sign didn’t do, although I did enjoy it). Probably makes no sense unless you’ve played the game or seen the anime, or both. One more reason for me to get a ps2. Art isn’t nearly as pretty as .hack/sign.

Boys Over Flowers
4 carrots

Ok, so it is a shoujo (girl’s) series, but this drama (which plenty of comedic moments) will have you hooked (even if you’re a guy) once you sit down and start watching it. You might criticize the characters or make fun of some of the anime cliches, but you’ll still be hooked and want to know what happens next. Somewhat along the lines of Marmalade Boy. Shoujo comic style art (eh, I don’t care for it – luckily the plot is great), teen angst, misunderstandings, and serious & silly moments. And of course complicated love diagrams (they tend to go beyond triangles).

The Weekend is Over Already?!?

Oh, actually before I forget, I think it was Wednesday night that the power went out on me? I was in bed and heard this loud thunk, and I thought is was the kitties until all the power in the house went out. I poked my head outside and saw that the neighbors had lights, so I checked the circuit breakers and found them all switched to off, so I turned them back on and went inside to reset the clocks. I was pretty freaked out, but I called PH and he said the sound was probably the breakers switching and that it was probably a power surge from the electric company. So that kinda sucked a bit.

Anyway this weekend I felt all blah and ended up sleeping till 9 or 10am and then napping from about 12-5, and I didn’t crawl out of bed till 6. I did end up running to home depot with my neighbor, but I was feeling all blah when I got home. Luckily a decent night’s sleep seemed to cure me.

I tried to put down the stepping stones I bought for my lawn, but it wasn’t working too well as I kept hitting tree roots. So most of them I just left lying on the lawn. Maybe they’ll just work themselves in as they get used. Especially during rainy season. Fingers crossed. I didn’t manage to plant any of my bulbs or do laundry. So bulbs will have to wait, but laundry is my goal tonight. And dishes. And maybe some filing. Lofty goals, eh? And I’ve somehow managed to use up my whole lunch hour already, so I guess pictures can wait yet again.

Oh, and CS & I watched Starsky & Hutch last night, I wasn’t expecting to like it, but I actually enjoyed it. Almost made me want to see some of the original tv show, but not badly enough to actually do anything about it. 🙂 Oh yeah! And CS gave me this beautiful little silver necklace Saturday that he picked up way back in January or February when he was on a cruise to Mexico with his family. I was so surprised, especially considering how picky I am about jewelry, but I haven’t taken it off since except to shower. Can you shower with silver on or is the water bad for it? I don’t want it to tarnish. Guess I should google it. 🙂

Yawn….. sweepy……

Stayed up too late last night watching Man From Snowy River – good old disney movie. Work is going well today, I just started getting somewhat tired, maybe I’ll attempt to get a quick nap in before lunch ends. Had fun last night getting pictures of PH’s “baby” last night.

A little slow…

So sorting through my vast collection of anime images downloaded from the web, I came across some from Onegai Sensei (roughly = Teacher, Please!) which I haven’t seen, and realized that the teacher was the same one from Onegai Twins (roughly = Twins, Please!) which I have seen some of. It isn’t knock your socks off, but the animation is pretty and the story is cute, and that’s enough to make me happy. So now I want to see Onegai Sensei since that was the original and Onegai Twins is just a spin-off. 🙂

Woohoo – Flooding

Just a small flash flood in downtown Sac at the Capital, wow, people canoeing in the streets. Along Howe & on Sac State campus too. Land Park is really flooded. I hope my house is ok, we’ll see how things look when I finally get home. I think I’m going to wait for the water to go down a bit more just to be safe. I guess this is why they require you to buy flood insurance when you buy a house here. 🙂

Just saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It was cute, very unique look. Kinda 50s and with this glow to it all. They did a very nice job with the cg. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory too, yummy food but slooooow service.

Yesterday was tons of fun, I got a bunch of chores done in the morning… and managed to forget about an eye appointment I was supposed go to. Sigh…. Oh well, guess I’ll reschedule Monday. Putting stuff on my calendar ( only helps if I actually look at it. Maybe having the laptop (did I mention getting my boss’ old one? yay!!!!) will help. I love unsecured wireless networks. Free internet on the go! Hehehehe! There are three available right here.

And I’m discovering that the laptop makes a nice lap warmer. Mmmm, warm. I also made some brownies today, Ghiradelli triple chocolate brownies (they just came out, used to be only double chocolate, but they added dark chocolate chips). Oh, I was talking about yesterday.

So, after chores, went and picked up MM. The only thing I miss about driving myself to work is getting to sing along with the radio, so that was nice. Oh, and I saw my therapist Friday, she’s really glad for me that I’m feeling so much happier and less stressed now. The carpool really has been a big huge help. So I’m cutting back to just seeing her once a month and just working on my self-help workbooks.

Back to Saturday (yes this is really how my mind works, isn’t it amazing that I can carry on coherent conversations?). So we show up at the housewarming bbq. I honestly can’t point to any one thing, but all the people there were really friendly and fun and I just had a great time drinking & eating & talking. J did a great job filling in for Lauren who is one of my few friends who is good at getting me drunk. Sharing the brandy and getting me fresh bottles of my Smirnoff Twisted Raspberry. MM bbq’d up some awesome yummy steak as usual. And I think the conversion is now complete, if he makes the steak, I’ll eat it any way it is offered. I’m still going to ask for well done in restaurants though. The sausages I brought worked out well too for those of us that missed lunch, and they provided tons of joke fodder too. 😉 It was just a really good group with lots of laughter and conversation around the table. We even managed to start a food fight in AP’s new place. Just goldfish and smarties though, so it could have been worse. The best was when AP bounced a goldfish off J’s head into the last glass of brandy. That was classic. I wish I could have crashed, but I had only been to bbq game days before, so I had no idea how fun, and how long things would go. So next time I’ll be sure to clear my calendar and bring a slimfast for breakfast just in case.

Hopefully now that almost everyone is done moving I can host another get together at my place now that I’ve finally got my guest room set up. So now I have a guest bed & sofa & air mattress if people need to crash. 🙂 And maybe I can finally put a dent in my rather large stash of booze.

Oh, and Friday night, when I was supposed to get to watch a movie with CS? We got to struggle with installing the new cpu heat sink & fan. It took four tries, but we got it in and working. Now I know why always let PH do the computer stuff, even the stuff I know how to do. It only took 2 phone calls to him to figure things out.

I think I’m finally done writing, time to go do some reading! Take care everybody! Don’t let the weather get you! Rain, rain come to stay, so in your puddles we can play! 😉