We did American Swim Academy‘s Walnut Creek location and paid for private (bought out both spots – a parent or BT could use the second spot if we wanted) and later did back to back sessions – one private and one with another kid. Courtney, Jenna and Destiny were especially good. All the instructors give lots of positive feedback and work on exposure for kids who aren’t comfortable with water. Very positive experience and my kiddo now swims comfortably.

Want to help others? Fix yourself first.

“To get a good partner, be a good partner,” he added. You’ll be a good partner if you set aside your ego, acknowledge that others have talents you’d like to emulate, and stay open to new experiences.”


Crab Catch (Tag)

You tag with your cheliped (pincher claws) between the other person’s hand and elbow to remove their pincher.

If you lose both pinchers you have to go back to the regeneration station to regrow them – you have to stay there for 15 to 30 (longer time when there are more players)

Coffee Chat Info Dump!

Groups.io Email List: ParentSupportCoffeeChat@groups.io | Home – new members moderated.

Original Invite (groups.io)

May 13, 2022 Log:

E.C.’s grandma: Don’t be furious, get curious!
J.K.: Embrace diversity with curiosity!

New member onboarding:

So you have your autism diagnosis:

Apply for IHSS (In Home Support Services)
– use a disability advocate, their knowledge is worth it!
– recommendations: Galt Advocacy
– if you qualify for Medi-Cal then apply for IHSS asap because it gets back dated to date of application, then apply to the RC (Regional Center)
– if you don’t qualify, then first apply to the RC so you can get the Institutional Deeming Waiver (meaning your child can get Medi-Cal even though your household income is too high)
– apply for Medi-Cal through the RC (medic-alert bracelet/keychain/etc. monitoring service counts as receiving service and is one the fastest and simplest to set up) then you can request the RC provide an Institutional Deeming Waiver for the Medi-Cal which will allow you to apply for IHSS.

  • For IHSS You must physically reside in the United States. 
  • You must also be a California resident.
  • You must have a Medi-Cal eligibility determination.
  • You can talk most advocates for free to see if they think you will qualify for IHSS. If your child is an elopement risk or requires constant supervision, then it is worth seeing if you can receive IHSS funds for protective supervision. IHSS funds are not taxable if the service provider is a parent living with the child.

Regional Centers (RC)

0-3 years early intervention is through the RC

3-6 years get an evaluation through your local school system even if you don’t plan to attend public school
– if you don’t have a diagnosis through the RC, it is worthwhile to pay out of pocket for an evaluation, otherwise the school system is likely to avoid the ASD label since that makes your child eligible for more services

16-18 years begin transition to adulthood support through the RC

CA education system info: ED100.org

If you might use public school, apply for an evaluation for an IEP (much easier to choose not to accept it than to have to try to get it later)
If you plan to use public school get an educational advocate (recommendations: Galt Advocacy)
Good IEP blog by an educational advocate in Pennsylvania: A day in our shoes

Needed for RC to provide services after early intervention ends (around 3 or 4 years)
PWN: Prior Written Notice
Insurance needs to also give a letter of benefits to show lack of coverage

Nasal breathing

The nose possesses over 30 functions,” says Ally Maz, a guided meditation instructor for Open. Key among those are filtering, humidifying, and regulating the temperature of air as we breathe. Jessica Phillips, meditation expert and mindfulness-based life coach with P.volve, adds that there is lots of research about the benefits of breathing—and specifically breathing from the nose. “It’s how our bodies were designed and why we have a nose (we don’t eat from our nose)!” she says. “Nose breathing is scientifically proven to be the healthiest way to daily breathe. It also helps slow our breathing down which shifts us out of our ‘fight or flight’ stress response into a place of ‘rest and digest,’ known as our parasympathetic nervous system,” says Maz. “Nasal breathing helps us take fuller, deeper breaths, which stimulates a greater distribution of oxygen throughout the body and stimulates the parasympathetic receptors associated with calming the body and mind,” adds Phillips. Both recommend breathing through your nose as much as possible (Maz even recommends mouth taping to help train yourself to breathe through your nose while you sleep

Gamify and incentivize change with Ohm Connect

It’s really truly legit! Get paid to turn off your power. I’ve made enough to have things almost completely automated at this point with TP-Link plugs, switches and bulbs. When I first started and got the Ohm hour text I would roam the house for things to unplug or turn off.

Here’s my referral link: https://ohm.co/jennyusagi $20 for me and $10 for you. They should have made it $15 each or reversed, oh well!

It makes me think of the story about the little girl and the old man and the starfish: The Tale of the Starfish — The Starfish Foundation (thestarfishchange.org)

Happy Earth Day!

Unlucky 8s eights

Uses standard 52 + 2 jokers deck.

Shuffle and deal 5 cards each, keep them hidden from other players, you must look at yours to check for 8s.

If you have an 8, play it immediately and draw a replacement. 8s are worth -1

Play a round by taking turns playing one card at a time. After play, draw back up to 5.

Number cards – face value except 8 (-1)

Jokers are wild (can be any you want, optional hard mode they can’t be a 10)

Face cards – if you play one, draw a card from another players hand, set that card aside and allow them to draw one of yours, then you draw back up to five and your turn is over.

First one to a total of 10 or more wins the round – keep the highest value card to represent the win. The round ends immediately. Decide how to track who went first, it should rotate each round. If the winner draws an 8 as a replacement card, they keep it for the next round in hard mode.

In normal mode at the end of the round you discard all cards and draw back up. In hard mode you keep your hands between rounds.

8 rounds total in normal, hard mode goes to 10 rounds

If there’s a tie, compare hand values for your breaker. If tied again, compare highest card in hand. If that also ties, it’s a true tie, both win!

Triple mayhem

Use 3 standard decks without jokers

Deal 3 cards from each deck to each player

Place cards face up in front of you (9 total)

Flip top card from each stack to start a build pile (3 total)

Play either matching number or suit

If you play an ace you may play up to 2 more cards (1 on each of the other piles, following standard placement rules)

If you play a 3, flip the top card of all 3 draw decks.

If you can’t play, choose one deck and flip the top one onto the build pile in front of it, your turn is now over.

First one out of cards wins

Seven ate nine

Played with only 5, 6, 7, 9

When playing 7, also remove 9 (eaten) and move a 6 to another player of your choice

Win by getting rid of all your cards

Acid Base

Acids accept ions (negative charge, lower number)

Bases bestow ions (positive charge, higher number)

Water withholds from ion exchange (doesn’t accept or bestow) – I need to check this. Water is neutral with a ph of 7.

Ion – electron, which is negative? Check