Daily thoughts for 2009-07-29

  • Well, I was posting and following regularly, but then my Pidgin twitter mod borked, so I fell out of the habit. #
  • It’s super smokey today like it was on Sat. Not sure where the fire is. It’s so bad that even in the office my eyes and head hurt. #
  • Wedding news – got my invites this weekend, need to finish working on the font and getting them set up for printing. Thanks mom! #

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Went to the gym (ow, my quads still hurt from the squats!), went and looked at our engagement photos (no we don’t have them, I’ll post the link when I get it), then stopped at CoCo’s (chicken tortilla soup – love it) and JoAnn’s to get some more fabric for my wedding dress. Ran into a friend’s parents – they’re super sweet and might help with some dress alterations. Once we got home I finished off tie number one for KG & BB’s wedding. Not perfect, but definitely usable. Learned some for the groom’s tie. I might make a third one to redo the first pending time & energy before their wedding. Then was up late enough to get a start on WoW’s Noblegarden with my sweetie. Need I say more than bunnies? 😀 😀 😀

Went to our engagement party hosted by J&BW. Lots of fun, and ended up lasting till 10pm (from 11am start). JW put everyone on the spot, and our friends shared some really sweet well wishes for us. Much love to you all! Good practice at being the center of attention of a group. Surprisingly, even though my face felt warm, I somehow didn’t turn all red. We watched the Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was fun, but not something I’d rewatch. I think I liked the original better (and of course the book is best).

Multitasked with chores and more WoW Noblegarden stuff before work. PH and I hung out for lunch and went to get noms for Khalua. Then I brought back the leftover cake for the office, which poofed. No surprise as it was yummy cake (white with strawberry flavor filling)! Then home for more WoW/chores tonight, and hopefully Salsa on Tuesday.

Daily thoughts for 2009-04-13

  • Saturday we had our engagement photo shoot in Folsom, it ended up running until 8pm – just over 4 hours, so it was fun but tiring. #
  • Saturday night we drove to Santa Rosa with Khalua, she finally quieted down about halfway there. Easter was my step-dad’s birthday. #
  • We went to church, then a potluck with a children’s easter egg hunt, and one for adults. It was pretty fun. #
  • We had a birthday dinner for my step-dad at my step sister’s house before heading home. Ru complained for only a little bit on the way back. #

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Saturday I got some chores done then went fabric shopping with KG. We found some nice tie fabric at JoAnn’s – and if I’d remembered that my dress was still in the trunk I’d have brought it in to see about getting some more fabric for my sleeves.

Sunday I weeded, and weed whacked (aka mowed) the yard and finally finished painting/sealing the master bath cabinet, so next weekend I can start on the guest bath. JW came over to keep me company and help with wedding stuff – we’re working on djs and florists now. Then we went to Costco to get some shopping done. After that we headed to her house and watched Mean Girls which I borrowed from J&SP – there were some goofy parts, but it was fun.

Mo continues to improve except the too much drinking. I left a message with the vet med so hopefully I’ll hear back today if we need to bring him in earlier than Thursday.

Oh, and I’m using Google Voice now, totally awesome! If you didn’t get my email giving out my number, let me know.

Anyway, time to finish getting ready for work!

Photography Dilemma

Between my friends, family and myself, we have the skills and equipment to do all the wedding photography.

I want my family and friends to be able to relax and have fun. I’m sure they’ll want to take some photos, but I don’t want to make them work.

I want to hire someone for their skills, talent, time and equipment for between $1500-2000 for the day of the wedding. I want all the raw files before they leave. That’s it. Nothing else.

Other details:
I don’t want prints. I don’t want albums. I don’t need post processing or a web site. What they might choose to edit and make available for sale to my friends and family is entirely up to them.

I found someone whose photos I love, but I doubt they’ll agree to my terms. Le sigh.


Wednesday night papa and his wife drove down. We had dinner at IHOP and then watched Juno (which was really good). Thursday we drove to San Jose. Mom, her husband and my brother drove down to meet us. We then all went for lunch/dinner at my pirate’s aunt & uncle’s house. Lots of good food. Most of the youngin’s went for a walk later on (after mom and crew left for home). Friday papa gave my pirate a ride home so he could go in to work (ugh!) while I stayed to hang out with MM on Saturday. We had lunch at a Japanese place, played some WoW and watched a bunch of anime.

Sunday I just relaxed, baked everything cookies for AP and did chores.
Monday night I finally got the save the dates done. So Tuesday they went in the mail as did the cookies. Tuesday night I made it out to salsa night. Wednesday I fussed with the computer some while I figured out what cookies to make. And tonight I got two batches of dough finished and it’s bed time with gym time at 8am tomorrow. Bleh! Too early!

Oh, and I’m thankful for such wonderful future in-laws, and such wonderful family and a great fiance. I’m also thankful dad gave my pirate a ride so I could spend time with one of my best friends.


I’m almost done designing the Save the Dates, so I hope to get those printed and mailed sometime this week. I’m not getting them out as early as I’d hoped so I need to call my aunts and uncle and remind them about my wedding next year before they make Thanksgiving plans.

This weekend I got a bunch more stuff cleaned up and reorganized at home. We need to pick up the wifi dongle that we think is at my future-in-laws place so I can relocate the computer desk.

We had a chance to go to Disneyland on Saturday, but as tired as I was all last week, and this weekend, and still some this week, it’s good I stayed home to rest. Plus I messed up and read my calendar wrong for one of my medications so I’ve been all hormonal last week and this weekend. Definitely not a good time to be traveling and dealing with crowds.

We had the Primerica guy out with our “FNA” Financial Needs Analysis. It was fairly interesting and we’re basically on track with where I want to be. The mutual funds and bond funds he gave us info on seem interesting, so we’re going to run that by my pirate’s dad and see what he thinks. Most of what I read online about them is that their products are fairly standard, but to avoid their “work part time for more money” offer since they’re basically yet another multi-level-marketing corp (like Amway/Quixtar).

Email cleaning:
July 3rd I got to hang out with MM, JL and a few other folks at MM’s new place. AP unfortunately had to work. We were in the bay for the Fourth of July, so we got together that night to play board games and hang out. Good times as always with that crew.

New Miyazaki movie to look forward to: Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea, which will be released in Japan in July, 2008.

My pirate sent me this article June 27:
Explosive Art: Explosive Art Created With Rocket Fuel, Gunpowder, Propellants and Bullets
Someone I know happens to work at the SCAD, so I forward it to them and got this great response:
“I remember receiving his purchase requisition for that rocket fuel and a couple rounds for that uzi. It was fun explaining that one to the VP for Financing”
Now that’s what I call an interesting day at work!

Fourth of July weekend I think is also when we went to see the San Francisco Theological Seminary – really nice location but not one that would work for us. Great for an outdoor spring or summer wedding though! And I think this might also be when we stopped in SF and found my wedding dress?

Mom’s wedding shower was in June, I think I blogged about that already, but if not, my new step-sister helped host it and was really awesome. We had it at her place and she was a huge help in making it such a success.

My pirate’s cousin’s daughter’s (is that second cousin?) birthday was in June (I think?) and we put together a pot of colorful flowers for her. CE (his cousin’s wife) also started taking massage certification courses, so we got to be practice dummies, which was wonderful.

July my cousin JH was down for a martial arts convention (where he passed his black belt test!) so we drove to the bay area to meet up and hang out. We stopped by a Starbucks to get drinks and chat for a while, and then we decided to see Hancock, which I really enjoyed. It definitely had some interesting twists.

PSA: If you use Gmail – go to Settings (upper right corner) then scroll to the bottom and select the option to always use HTTPS and save your settings. This forces gmail to always use the encrypted https instead of http (which leaves it open to attack).

August 18th Cookie was constipated really badly (which can signal serious health problems in a cat) so we took her to the vet the next day and a few time afterwards for more test. Turns out that her kidneys are starting to fail from old age as she’s almost 9 or 10 and her breed (Snowshoe) on average live only 10-14 years instead of 18. 🙁 So she’s now on a special diet and gets fed separately from the other guys. So she’s put weight back on which is good, and next month when they all go in for their annual check we’ll do a blood test to see how she’s doing.

September 20th was a bit crazy. I helped set up JG’s bridal shower (and then attended of course) then drove home to grab my pirate and we were off to the bay area for a BBQ and games with MM, JL, AP and gang. So super busy, but a ton of fun that day too.

Then the 26th both my parents and my brother came to visit and celebrate my brothers birthday. Then my pirates folks joined us for lunch on the 27th to meet my dad & his wife. That night was JG’s bachelorette party, then the next day was Peanut’s baby shower. Whew! Talk about a non-stop weekend.

I baked everything cookies (3 batches!) as birthday gifts… I was so tired by the last batch though that I forgot to add any of the sugar. And it turns out that the brown sugar is a key ingredient for the shape and texture – it’s what lets the cookies spread and stay soft. So the last batch came out as hard crumbly balls. They still tasted good, so I took some to the office and my pirate took some to the lab (and kept them for himself instead of sharing, hehe!). So I got two batches off in the mail and have one to remake still.

JG&BW’s wedding was Oct. 11. My pirate went there for the bachelor party on the 9th, and the bride and I drove up together on the 10th. We stayed at a nice cabin that is owned by the parents of one of my pirate’s former coworkers. Wedding was awesome, almost everyone danced for the whole time, the dance floor was packed – memorable moments: being Rick Rolled, the Conga line and the teenage boy hiding under a table to avoid participating in it. We hung out and had brunch buffet together.

The gang’s joint birthday bbq was the 18th. And as always, awesome food and great company. I almost forgot that I was just getting over a cold. I think maybe the tequila helped get rid of my sore throat. 😛

November 1 J&SP had a Halloween/Day of the Dead party, the monster finger cookies were especially tasty. We got in some zombie flux which was fun. Also earlier that day we checked out a possible wedding location in Fairfield, but we ended up deciding on the golf course in Santa Rosa.

And I’m down to 22 emails in my inbox finally. Yay!