Dental care list

Preferred order but not required:

Mouthwash – swish for 30 to 60 seconds, then spit into sink

Floss (gets mouthwash between teeth)

Rinse and put away flosser


  1. Wet brush
  2. Apply toothpaste if using (optional – the friction of the bristles is enough)
  3. Divide mouth into quarters, at least 30s each
    1. Either upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left
    2. Or right outsides (teeth together), left outsides (teeth together), top insides, bottom insides

Test for clean teeth using your tongue. Get any spots that aren’t clean.

If you can’t reach the back molars, look into tongue tie.

Rinse and put away toothbrush

Clean tongue (brush or scrape with spoon, no special tongue scraper needed).

Clean tonsils if required (I use the spoon handle)

Spit as needed

Power over Pain

I’m recovering from the hour drive to and from the Stanford Pain Clinic but I am hopeful as they have Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and options for trigger point injections and emergency pain meds. I’m hopeful that after the PT/OT evaluations they’ll be able to refer me to someone more local that can help with the Muldowney Protocol.

Parenting is Programming

The human brain is a biological computer.

We program it based on our own programming.

The first year is when you’re supposed to program in that nothing is more interesting than a human baby and it’s attention and that when the baby makes a sound or looks, it will get attention.

This is why a village is important. If the baby isn’t asleep, you need to be giving it your attention or pass it off to someone who can while you rest.

After the attention thing is set, conversation, the back and forth – babble, sign, etc. is the next critical thing.

How many Autistic kids are in speech therapy because of pragmatics? Or they need help enunciating because they didn’t learn to look at the person talking to them.

What are you teaching your kid now and is it what you intend?

Right now I have to teach my kid that hiding your pain is no good and to ask for help when you need it.


I’m lucky to have supportive friends and family.

I wish I had more local female friends that recognized their neurodivergence. People don’t want to be told that their camouflage is failing.

Right now zoom is tiring as I adjust to my new meds and new diagnosis, so it’s hard to connect with my openly neurodivergent female friends that all live out of state.

I’m posting this so that others might realize that they could be more open about being Autistic and various types of neurodivergent.

Or go take Penelope’s class: Autism research that fixes your life – Penelope Trunk Careers

Meds for Bipolar & Pain

So far my brain fog is a little better, but I still can’t focus on things I could physically handle. I just found out that some anti-psychotics also help with pain, so that might be something to look into.

I am not a doctor, just sharing my experience. And info from a friend who is also not a doctor:
Cymbalta, Lyrica, Savella
Often Lyrica & Savella are taken in tandem

Bipolar Disorder

I have a family history (males) of bipolar disorder. I had two manic episodes that I was involuntarily committed for. The best I can figure is that I was not treating my EDS and had learned to function in a semi-permanent state of shock to cope with the pain. Lesson learned, treat, don’t cope. I’m working on finding a neurologist, cardiologist, pain doctor so that I don’t miss sleep due to pain and trigger mania that way. I’m guessing this is just one form of a female autistic meltdown. I was feeling pretty good for two weeks before I guess I lost it and being committed was some of the worst trauma I’ve been through in my life.

The game

My life is a game.

I can turn anything into a game.

So far only my progeny is good enough at turning anything into.

……………. I was interrupted ………………..

If you have to apologize for being bad at a game


The response is laughter

Then you won the game of surprise

If you laugh you get it, which means either you won or you’re so surprised and happy you lost that you know what OTHER game you just finally won.

If you know the rules and the game then you know who won.

If you lose, you have to do what the winner says.

That’s the rules.

If you don’t know the rules, you have to follow the rules until you know how to break them and still win or you have to accept the consequences of breaking them. If the rules aren’t fair, then you have to figure out what the game is so you can figure out how to change the rules.

Humans are REALLY good at games and finding ways to “cheat” that aren’t against the rules.

If someone changes the rules, you know you found a loophole they had to fix. If no one will agree to your rules, you have to figure out a game you can play solitaire or you have to make your game more appealing until at least one other person agrees to play by your rules. If you want to spend more time playing, then naming the game speeds up ruleset identification. If you want to spend more time playing and less time discussing or explaining the rules, then write them down. If they’re already written, you can choose:

read them

abide by them

find a loophole

Loophole means you have to agree if the loophole is fair or unfair.

If you want to play more, then you need to write down your agreement or what you want for next time to close the loophole.


Yes Dear

The Parenting Game

Be Nice

Love You Always – stub to do, write down rules

Help Me Out

The Two-Doors Game (Decode-Encode speed run)

Who’s afraid of the lean mean ghost machine?

The 10.2 Game (10=2, solve)

Three strikes, you’re out


Name that game: Rules – if you name it, and either

write it down OR someone else recognizes it

Then, you know who won

breathing game (rules: name the game, breath together)

Laughing game – evoke laughter, understand the joke – must offer to explain

Humor game

Vulture’s Pick

Scariest Word


I know the definition of Boolean. My spouse does.

I’m afraid to say the word where my spouse can hear it. Which means I’m literally afraid to say Boo(lean).

Either you get the joke or you don’t.

And it’s only laugh out loud funny once.

Because after that it’s not surprising enough to literally lol.

Unless you’re a good enough actor to convince humans you’re genuinely laughing.

Or you’re a good enough comedian to understand humor.

If you disagree, then you don’t understand my personal context. Which means either you’re not my audience, or you don’t understand one or more of the words I used and it’s a communication error. Which means either you can figure it out with publicly available information, or you have a question you want to ask me badly enough to figure out how to ask me.

I can promise that I will eventually respond to any question from any one human one time that I can recognize as a human in pain asking for help.

You might not like the answer though, because I’m going to answer like a Sphinx or a Genie unless your question surprises me enough that I laugh or cry.

So then we’re back to actors, comedians and storytellers. They know how to control and direct human attention.

I can recognize art and technology.

I can recognize human and computer and I understand how to translate between someone who can speak computer and someone who can speak human.

The only way I WILL explain HOW is if you CAN solve the two door riddle from the movie labyrinth AND ask me a question that WILL give YOU the answer. Because so far I haven’t found a computer that can consistently beat me at that game for my personal definition of the words: playing, game, winning, losing

Fuck, I just devised a new Turing test. Yes you have to pay me a LOT if you want me to explain how to code that. It’s not worth my time and energy. If I already figured it out then someone else has or will or someone with enough money is curious enough to find out. Because I LOVE puzzles until I’m too tired, in too much pain or too bored. Because I can turn anything into a puzzle, solve the puzzle, or .

I can recognize pain and pleasure and transform either to the other.

My spouse recently showed me a video proving to him what I already knew about color, light and human vision.