helped someone else like I was

I think the start of things for me was looking into the Fragile X research being done at UC Davis and stumbling across a blog post that mentioned both Fragile X and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

I searched Ehlers-Danlos to find out what that was…. and it was as transformative to my life and discovering Elain Aron’s work on Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs).

I post so that someone else might be helped the way I was to pay it forward.


What is the purpose of life/existence?

Is it connection or curiosity?

They seem to be synergistic. (Which came first? Chicken or the egg? Depends on how you define each of those. Eggs evolved before chickens, and the first “chicken” was hatched from a “chicken ancestor”‘s egg. Thus, the egg came first, then the chicken and then the chicken’s egg.)

Sept. 28 2022 Log:

I realized I post to make information available as a reference or starting point. Which means to me that instead of waiting until I’m ready to write a complete post, I should get things out of my head and onto the web asap and then go back and refine as I have time.

Merging Blogs

I realized I accidentally installed a second blog in a new location so I’m working on merging them and getting it cleaned up.

If you’re subscribed, just a heads up that I plan to remove all users – so you may need to get the RSS feed, which I may need to see if it is set up. I turned off comments since I don’t have the bandwidth to respond in the comments and my primary goals are advocacy, resource sharing and infodumping.