helped someone else like I was

I think the start of things for me was looking into the Fragile X research being done at UC Davis and stumbling across a blog post that mentioned both Fragile X and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

I searched Ehlers-Danlos to find out what that was…. and it was as transformative to my life and discovering Elain Aron’s work on Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs).

I post so that someone else might be helped the way I was to pay it forward.


I realized I post to make information available as a reference or starting point. Which means to me that instead of waiting until I’m ready to write a complete post, I should get things out of my head and onto the web asap and then go back and refine as I have time.

Merging Blogs

I realized I accidentally installed a second blog in a new location so I’m working on merging them and getting it cleaned up.

If you’re subscribed, just a heads up that I plan to remove all users – so you may need to get the RSS feed, which I may need to see if it is set up. I turned off comments since I don’t have the bandwidth to respond in the comments and my primary goals are advocacy, resource sharing and infodumping.