Intention is what we call the output of the decision process.

There are two possible outputs:

The process succeeds and the intended result is achieved.

The process failed and an unexpected result is returned.

How do we know when an unexpected result is returned?

We feel the emotion of surprise.

intend – Wiktionary

Dec 19 2022 Log:

Course of action that a person intends. – That seems recursive… What does intend mean?

System Logging

When making choices:

  • Have I made this choice before?
  • Yes – Is there a system telling me what to do?
    • Yes – Do I remember it?
      • Yes – Do it
      • No – Log that the system needs improvement
        • System logging system
          • Document the system failure
            • Memory is unreliable – repeat externally (spoken, sung, signed) until documentation is complete
            • Is this update urgent?
              • Yes – log to Habitica (process exists to handle from there)
              • No – write it down as quickly as possible and return to prior process – this is leaving a breadcrumb to improve the system
            • Documentation ideal is to WordPress (to Habitica Tasks – link in )
    • No
  • No

Yes: do I remember the system? Yes? Do the system. No? Document need to refine system.