Language Matters

Is it a slur?

With all slurs, ask yourself: “Where is the noun?”

“Person” or another person word like “adult” or “someone” should always be the noun. The condition itself should never be the noun.

“I have ADHD.” The noun here is “I”, a person. If someone says, “Look at that <slur>”, the noun is <slur>. That’s what makes it dehumanizing. Instead of being recognized as a complex being that includes a trait, they are reduced down to nothing but the trait.

Cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation?

Did you ask someone from that culture what their thoughts are? And by “ask” it means first do a web search to see if someone has already answered it.

Language does change and evolve as it is used in different ways. It can be a barrier or a bridge.

1. Tribe

2. Tipping Point

3. No can do

4. Guru

5. Hold down the fort

6. Ninja

7. Powwow

8. Off the reservation

9. Call a spade a spade

10. Indian Summer 

11. Nitty gritty

12. Climbing the totem pole

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stub – extract relevant part from: single word requests – Alternative terms to “Blacklist” and “Whitelist” – English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

Caring & Cleaning

Collecting my various tips and resources.

Change your language to change your feelings:

Instead of “I have to do chores.” try “I want to care for _____ (myself, my home, my clothes, etc.) or “I’m so glad I have a _____ that I get to care for” (home, car, pet, etc.)

Figure out why you aren’t starting – it doesn’t matter why you aren’t finishing, you don’t need to finish all at once.

Just put away one thing.

Just clean up for 1 minute.

Just organize for 5 minutes.

Put on a timer or a song – song ends, you’re done! Or a playlist when you’re ready for a longer session. You stop when the music stops…. or keep going if you’re on a roll and have time and energy to keep going.

Calculate what your time is worth to you (for example, if you make $15/hr, that’s 25 cents a minute. How much time do you spend organizing/moving around/takiing care of a thing? When does it become worth donating and just buying a new one IF/when you need it again?

(Reading material: Your money or your life)

Video tip (my take away was, can you replace in 20 minutes or less for $20 or less? If no and you haven’t used it recently (20 days?) then re home it.

Originally written: 2022/03/31 at 2:43 pm