Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

For me a MCAS reaction often feels like food poisoning that comes on really hard and fast but only lasts about an hour or two instead of a day.

I found that the supplements I was taking that helped with other conditions were triggering the MCAS reaction when they hit my stomach if there wasn’t enough food with them. Getting the amount and timing was too challenging until I found the Orgain Protein Shakes (ThriveMarket has good prices on them).

I also call the MCAS reaction a histamine dump – the mast cells dump too much histamine into the system at once and can cause any symptoms that allergies can – which are immune system processes overreacting.

The “simple but not easy” (is there a word for that?? I want a word for that, I don’t care what language – to do, search) answer is to reduce the toxic load my body is coping with and increase the nutrients I’m getting.

Cutting all sugar and processed foods would be a major step in that direction. It’s also why I try to be eat low or no gluten and low dairy consumption.

Stub Published Nov 26 2022, updated Jan 10 2023

To do: look into Cromoloyn(?) and beta blockers

Protein Shake

Right now I drink Orgain protein/nutrition shakes.

I had to stop taking all my vitamins because they kept triggering mast cell reactions.

The Orgain has the vitamins I was taking, but in a form that I can digest safely.

I may eventually try to figure out my own recipe using the Orgain powder since I’m not a fan of the packaging that is too hard to recycle.