Circle of Trust – Verify

My spouse pointed this out to me:

Female Science TikToker Asks Viewers to Stop Tagging Hank Green (

I have thoughts.

First, yes, it sucks that people tagged Hank Green specifically instead of SciShow in general (which has female and male presenters).

Second, I know who Hank Green is and I don’t know who Ashley Williams is. It is natural to trust a familiar face.

Third, having a PhD does not mean you know what you are talking about (I have too many friends & relatives and funny stories). It also immediately has me thinking about the Dunning-Kruger effect and also an appeal to authority.

If people are asking for Hank Green/SciShow to explain – the next step is to ask WHY.

Is this a case of trust but verify? Do people want a second opinion to verify what Ashley is saying?

If the trust thing is not the issue, is it the explanation? Do the folks on SciShow explain things differently – faster? funnier? easier to understand?

Telling people to go do their own research is like tossing the problem back in their faces. If they could, they already would have. They are asking for something, and maybe asking the wrong question, but the way to get that to stop is to figure out the right question and answer it (NVC – find the need). Most people do not have the time or energy or ability to verify every piece of information. That explains why we build a network of trust to simplify. That’s how our brains work as well.

The simplest solution is to do a collaboration together with SciShow.

YouTubers I would trust and only verify if something sounded wrong (I experienced the sensation of cognitive dissonance in regard to something they say).

Jessica of How to ADHD

Therapy in a Nutshell




Those are the ones I can recall off the top of my head without checking my subscriptions.

A Chaos of ADHDers

I was in a meeting with some fellow ADHD folks on Saturday and we were discussing what a group of us would be called since using tribe could be seen as cultural appropriation and community doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Someone mentioned a Chaos of ADHDers and my immediate response was: Welcome to the Chaos! 😀

Really it’s just simple physics: E=MC^2 and the second law of thermodynamics – in a closed system Energy (E) tends towards disorder over time (entropy). Chaos.

Though really I think it could be applied for a group of people who accept and support neurodiversity, not just some specific flavor of neurospice. 😀

Hmm, so one of the challenges associated with ASD is theory of mind, which is the understanding that people have different minds (brains, neurology) and think and feel different things. But neurotypical people expect most people to follow neurotypical norms…. so isn’t that actually having worse theory of mind? Most folks who are ND recognize that we are different and that other people think differently (and are often baffled by how others think), vs. NT folks who might be better at understanding the thought process of other NT folks, but then mis-interpret ND folks, rather than recognizing a difference.

Wow, that person is rude! vs Wow, that person is uncomfortably direct, they must be ND.

Acid Base

Acids accept ions (negative charge, lower number)

Bases bestow ions (positive charge, higher number)

Water withholds from ion exchange (doesn’t accept or bestow) – I need to check this. Water is neutral with a ph of 7.

Ion – electron, which is negative? Check