Where does the money go?

I prefer to support local companies with really good customer service and happy employees. In general they are not the most cost saving, but the extra cost is more than worth the peace of mind and my time saved by not having to deal with problems.

  • SRY Construction
  • Edible Ecology
  • Organizing –
    • lily
    • other
  • gardener
  • Steve Stone
  • Hassler Heating & Air
  • Pelican Plumbing
  • Berkeley Honda (Eddie)
  • Mr. Mopps
  • TigerTechnologies
  • Sonic Internet
  • Swell Energy

Other things I support:

  • How to ADHD
  • WikiPedia
  • Shuumi
  • Yolo County SPCA
  • Epbot

Things I plan to support once I have funding:

  • PBS
  • TED Ed
  • SciShow
  • CrashCourse
  • Mark Rober
  • Kurzegast
  • Team Trees
  • Team Ocean
  • Verge Permaculture
  • Soil Food Web


I’ve been trying to figure out how to get paid for coming up with ideas or problem solving.

I’ve been thinking about research funding and how messed up it is, and how it could be corrected. I was thinking Patreon might be the solution and I realized that it could be for me as well.

I have no intention of running ads on this site ever. I don’t want to sell e-books or put things behind a membership paywall, this information is too important. So I’ve made an account and if you can afford to support me, I’d appreciate it. There are also higher tiers on Patreon if you want to contact me to address something specific for you. While I have hundreds of ideas swirling around in my brain, I can only grab and output one at a time.

Jennyusagi is creating ideas – for businesses, research and change. | Patreon

And for one time support I just added buymeacoffee (10/23/2022):

Jenny is Encouraging Curiosity, Community & Connection. (buymeacoffee.com)

My priorities right now are caring for myself, my child, my pets, my relationship, my community, my planet.

My garden projects address the self, child, community & planet priorities. I only have a limited amount of physical energy and time to work on the projects. By supporting me financially, it allows me to pay for help, which then frees up some of my time and energy.