Pain Response Tools

Thumb pain, great video, very concise, text description also (below):

Patient: supine Doctor: holds wrist facing medial, lateral hand holds unlar and radius for stabilization Seg. Contact: base of 1st metacarpal Contact point: medial hand grasps thumb so that little finger pulls superior to inferior on base of metacarpal Thurst: slow pull lateral to medial

This one is concise, no text description though:

MCL – metacarpal ligament?

Waking up

  • Wake up at a regular time
    • use music and light that both gradually increase.
    • 7am seems to be my sweet spot. I also often wake at 4 or 5 which is ok too. If I get sleepy again I can nap until 7.
      • Task: set up Google routine for smart speaker and lights
        • I want to move my playlists so that google assistant can find them
        • I want to change my nickname on YouTube – try some alternatives
      • Find a song about self care or being intentional to start the playlist:
        • Task: set up or get wireless noise cancelling headphones to listen to playlist and assist with focus until medication kicks in and intention is set